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While pondering on the devastating impact of the global warming, all these incredible terrorist threats, ongoing wars between countries, nuclear weapons, oppression, genocide, starvation... - I can't help, but wonder .... who won MasterChef?!?! Masterchef funny moment Funny Guy Cooking Masterchef funny images_5 Masterchef funny images_4
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Old Pal Yorick Smiling Again – Weird Skull Artwork

Looking into those empty eyes... Emotionless bones around a large smile striving from the depths of an unknown personality, creepy happiness carefully drawn in most cases by a row of perfectly shaped teeth. I started to wonder where the tooth fairy is when you need it...

japanese skull
Seen in 1944 Life Magazine

Funky ribbons, precious stones, molded clay and metal pieces, plastic waste and an old typewriter comprise a prodigious "atlas" of human craniums, bizarre sculptures of human skulls. Rather than mastering their victims, the cobras and maggots are more like a prey worn with pride by the "skeletal remains". Imaginary worlds build up in silver as an argument for a million thoughts and post-mortem braces stay still for a no cavities afterlife.

Creepy skull with hat
Glass Artwork, by Kosta Boda
Cranium made with ribbon
The Ribbon Skull - a metamorphosis of a peaceful world, by Erohe du Azac
Tomohiro Inaba Sculpture
Steel Wire Frame, by Tomohiro Inaba
Jewelry Skull Jar
Anatomy in a Jar, Miniature Human Skull in Hand Blown Glass by Kiva Ford
Contemporary scary artwork
Confetti Death, made with Spray Can Caps & a Human Skull Replica via Spinello Projects
Crystal Handmade Skull
One of the crystal skulls found near the ancient ruins of Mayan and Aztec civilizations, acquired by British Museum from Tiffany's in 1897, more images and information on this subject at Madame Pickwick Art Blog
3d printed craniumcranium sculpture
Crania Anatomica Filigre, by Joshua Harker
Snakes Scary Cranium
Japanese Ivory Okimono Human Skull, date: 1880 - Tokyo School, Asahi Gyokuzan artistic style, Meiji Period, Via Warner Antiques
fossil carved human cranium
Memento Mori sculpture -Carving using rare ice age fossil material, over 10,000 years old - Netsuke style, Via Eastern Trade Winds

Dreams of heavenly quiet and cold nature replace human brains and become stunning scenery on top of human-like skulls built up in silver by the Danish artist Frodo Mikkelsen. Hidden cottages and winter trees, grizzly bears as still images of the last deadly thoughts.

Silver Human Skull Artwork Frodo Mikkelsen_4
Silver Skull Artwork by Frodo Mikkelsen
Silver Human Skull Artwork Frodo Mikkelsen_3 Silver Human Skull Artwork Frodo Mikkelsen_2 Cranium Silver Sculpture
Skull sculpture by Frodo Mikkelsen, Courtesy of Esbjerg Kunstmuseum © 2011

Maskull Lasserre gives life to "the unexpected potential of the everyday through allegories of value, expectation, and utility" by sculpting into old computer books.

Carving Human Skull
Book Pages Sculpture by Maskull Lasserre
Human Skull Artwork Weird book sculpture Cranium Sculpture Art

"The several decorative styles and forms I cite simultaneously hold divine and vulgar meaning in the present age, having an irrational quality that contradict each other." - Katsuyo Aoki

Katsuyo Aoki Skull Sculpture_3
Porcelain Skulls by Katsuyo Aoki
Katsuyo Aoki Skull Sculpture_4 Katsuyo Aoki Skull Sculpture_6 Katsuyo Aoki Skull Sculpture_1
Porcelain Skulls by Katsuyo Aoki

Jim - "He goes to New Zealand, stops over Vanuatu, discovers Australia, India, and lands in Hong-Kong." Mixing the multitude of colors and cultures into his artworks.

Jim Skull Sculpture
Corde de polyester via Jim Skull Gallery
Jim Cranium Sculpture Jim Skull Artwork
Corde de polyester via Jim Skull Gallery

Sometimes not just pure, outrageous form of art, but a leit-motif to celebrate death, the constant companion from birth, a dear friend to be played with, to speak with - Dia de los Muertos, Mexico's Day of the Dead.

Barro negro pottery, literally translated "black mud," is hand-crafted in the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Black clay skulls are hand molded and wood fired in thick black smoke to create the black color, then polished using quartz pieces and covered with insects and maggots, snails and... butterflies!

insects and maggots skull
Rare Vintage 1960s Black Clay Skull, Via Etsy
Skull sculpture decorated with stones
Tibetan Ritual Human Skull, Copyright © Nathan Roberts
Tibetan Cranium Sculpture
Tibetan Ritual Human Skull
Japanese Cranium Sculpture
Netsuke Skull, 19th century, London British Museum, Via Wikipedia
Walnut sculpture human head
Walnut skull vanitas, c. 17th century, Photo copyright © Pierre Bergé
Skull Artwork
Skull Made with Old Recycled Skateboard Decks, by Haroshi
Robot Human Head
Robotic Human Head Anatomical sculpture born from a reassembled typewriter. Artwork & copyright © Jeremy Mayer
Weird skeleton head sculpture made of recycled plastic pieces
Weird skeleton head sculpture made of recycled plastic pieces

A monologue. The skull of a dead court jester and Hamlet. The words Shakespeare put on the lips of the notorious Hamlet describe perfectly the vicious effects of death.

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar? (Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1).

But this is definitely the human condition where really nightmarish art begins shamelessly. Skull Art
Skull Clown (Relic series), Copyright © Vik Muniz
Antique carved Tibetan skull Antique carved Tibetan skull (2)
Carved Antique Tibetan Skull
Skull Creepy Artwork
Deus Ex Machina, a wonderful piece of metal art by the talented French sculptor Alain Bellino
Shocking! authentic cranium transformed into box
Authentic Female Human Skull Jewelry Box, Copyright © Abattoir La Rue
Things you've never thought a skull could be:
A coin bank
Bottle Decanter
Car Gear Shifter Knob Cover
Toilet Brush Support
Creepy Cup
Cool Steampunk Statue

Brilliant Paint Brushes Art

Men at work! After almost 8 years in architecture, this is the first thing I think about when I hear the word brush.

Considering the fact that paint brushes represent the most common tools known to mankind, for many of us they are hard to be perceived items. Mainly defined by practical, versatile shapes, the brushes become like our hand extension and the vital element for placing colors in almost all areas of our life: from cars manufacturing and buildings construction to wall framed decorations and even calligraphy.

weird pictures with funny brushes

The magic wands which pass unseen give color to the world around us. And make it dynamic, bright and radiant.

Funny Mustached Paintbrush Packages - These were the first ones that came to my attention. Two simple brushes taken out of the huge variety and brilliantly packed within a simple hand-drawn face cardboard wrap. A clever packaging: the bigger brush serves as a mustache while the smaller one is adjusted to the design as a sole patch under the lower lip. Still, even if the design is pretty funny, the look on the printed faces is lost, confused, perplex. Any word you want to use. But hardly happy.

Weird Paint Brush Package Funny Mustached Paintbrush Packaging Funny Mustach Paint Brush Packaging
Design made by Simon Laliberté, a student at UQAM, for the fictive company called Poilus

The Altered Brush Project - Wrapped in lace, covered with butterflies, thoughtfully painted. Creative and eco-conscious project of Donna Downey has transformed dozens of simple paint brushes into amazing works of art. For $15, you receive by mail a brush out of which you can make a nicely artistic decoration. Even old brushes can be more than just trash.

Cute and funny Paint Brush Odd brush for painting the Altered brush Project Weird Paintbrush Weird Paint Brush Weird Paint Brushes
More brushes: Donna Downey's Project
Paint Brush Coat Hooks - Stiffened with resin, simple brushes changed their primary purpose and became, with the help of Dominic Wilcox, a lovely decoration for hallways and coat hangers. To me, paint brushes hanged on the walls fit more inside a bachelor's apartment. :) Weird coat hanger made with paint brushes Weird Paint brush coat hooks
Part of Object Abuse exhibition, Via Variations on Normal
The Paint Evolution - "Genetic Mutations" Paint Brushes Taking into consideration and combining the needs of painting for straight shapes, CuldeSac, a Spanish design company have given a new sense to painting by rethinking the tools. All the efforts were meant to reveal the history of a brand: Valentine. funny brushes
Pictures Copyright CuldeSac
funny paint brush funny square paint brush weird metallic brush weird hand brush funny painting brush for artists funny painting brush funny paintbrush cornet paintbrush stamp paint brush Old Chinese Calligraphy Brushes - Collection of 18th and 19th century hardwood brush pots and calligraphy brushes. Not necesarily the brushes look special, but mostly their wood sculpted holders are amazing. Collection of 18th and 19th century hardwood brush pots and calligraphy brushes
Copyright © Pagoda Red Book
And this is what I call extreme measures. Sometimes art requires sacrifice... :P human hair paint brush human paint brush

Pimpin’ in the Parking Lot

Just like the song says. :) I started to take driving lessons. Again! After I haven't touched a car in many years... So funny cars are back among my favorite subjects! And, of course, everything else connected to them.

Pretty, huh? :D

As we already have those insane cars, maybe it's time to search for a cool parking place in a a modern metropolis. I could find a lot of pictures of crazy, smashing car parks. The location is absolutely impressive for some. Others have an amazing architecture or artistic paintings. Mmmm... I wish I was there with my little car.

On the stage, once more

A wonderful car park inside the former Michigan Theatre. We could say it is Detroit’s stylish Italian Renaissantist parking garage, ironically built on the same site as the first automobile workshop owned by Henry Ford. After one hundred years, the site is turning to its original function, leaving behind the glorious times as an amusement marvel.

Via: Gsgeorge on Wikipedia

“It is not merely a theatre for Detroit. It is a theatre for the whole world. It is designed to be the great showplace of the middle west.” (Kunsky, August 1926)

Copyright DetroitDerek Photography on Flickr
Tickets for the view?

The amazing scenery makes a simple parking garage stand out from the crowd. Deeply dug into the rock, the concrete parking lots imagined by Swiss firm Peter Kunz Architektur give the enjoyment of the mountainous splendor of Herdern, Switzerland

More pictures on enpundit
Green is lovely

Especially if we bring into discussion the most amazing garage in Miami Beach. A few palms, some green bushes and a few plants crawling the walls in search of light - a wonderful terrace in the middle of the city. It's hard to believe it can hide a simple parking.

Via Treehugger
Photovoltaic Carport

And because we are at the green chapter... Last year, there were some rumors about some fascinating power generating parking lots that were going to form a 10 megawatt photovoltaic carport for Aramco headquarters, in Saudi Arabia - the world's largest parking of this kind. I wonder if the project became a reality...

Via Greenlaunches
The illusion

Eureka Parking in Melbourne has the walls and floors painted with an outstanding illusion in order to indicate the directions easier inside the building. Being in the right position, the driver can see the distorted letters as one piece.

Via Amazing Only
The Amazing Tromp L’Oeil Art of Eric Grohe

And because we are talking about illusions, it is impossible to ignore the Cornerstone Square Parking Garage, Canton, Ohio. A true marvel. A simple building completely transformed by painting its exterior with three dimensional images. A work like this demands talent, imagination, experience and Eric Grohe has them all. More about the technique...

Before... and after.
Pictures opyright © Eric Grohe
Pictures opyright © Eric Grohe
Sea Firefly or Umihotaru If it happens to be in Tokyo, you have the opportunity to park your car in one of the most weird spots. Umihotaru floating car park is a lovely artificial island for the ones who are not seasick and want to admire a beautiful view... Umihotaru-Tokyo floating car park Japanese weird vehicle parking Wonderland Books Giant books decorate the facade of the Kansas City library parking. Isn't this feeling like Alice in Wonderland? Kansas City Library Funny Parking Lots kansas city library parking books And I love the following guerilla advertising campaigns.
Volkswagen Guerrilla Advertising Campaign inside Parking Garage, Cars are talking - I wish I was... Via: In a Guerilla Costume
So... Who said car parks were ugly and boring? :))) Last car parked here missing sign For the ones interested in details concerning car park design, the architectural side of these beautiful places and also information on charging hybrid and electrically powered vehicles, there is a nice book: That's about all! Alien parking
Alien Parking sign in Roswell, New Mexico (ohotograph Joseph Sohm Corbis)