Strangest Caravans & Trailers

If you do a fair bit of motorway or countryside driving (especially around the warmer months) it’s a good guess that up some point or another you’ve got stuck behind one of those big, white boxes with windows that are limited to 50 miles an hour. Although frustrating for those in a hurry, you might one day be lucky enough to get stuck behind one of these examples of more interesting models and glare in amazement.

1. The Rolling Stone Eco Capsule

Designed by Nice Architects and submitted to the Andes Sprouts Society for a residency program, this environmentally friendly blueprint of the traditional caravan is work in progress. Built from environmentally-friendly materials the Rolling Stone is functional with natural energy and resources, powered by either wind turbine or solar panels. The front panel can be opened to double as an open studio space and water for waste and cleaning is sourced by two reservoirs. Could this be the next generation of caravan evolution?

Via Nice Architects

Piggy, Piggy…

Magical, cute, weird, not to raise a fortune, but enough to amuse and buy yourself the morning coffee.

Many, many years ago my little brother gave me as a gift his money box, a cute yellow plastic piggy with a pink nose. I still keep coins inside it even if it’s old and dusty. It was the sweetest gift ever received. My piggy is old fashioned compared to the ones you can find on the market today, but i wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world.

Below, there are some of the most amazingly interesting, fancy or cute piggy banks to make a beautiful gift or… why not… keep your own money.

Piiiiggieeeeessss attack!

Paper piggy banks by Kiri Martin- fully customizable! 😉