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😛 March 2012 – She woke up in the morning like usually and had her coffee quietly in front of the window, enjoying the wonderful, odd show outside.

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

Strange images moving slowly.. The happy colors of the rainbow were strangely melting in the green of the field like in a bizarre painting of Dali, timeless…

Flying roibots were trying to touch the skies with their human-like hands, while planes were drawing fluffy clouds. A child was blowing soap bubbles transforming them into huge, oddly shaped balloons that traveled along with the crazy wind. Houses of sweet bread were rising everywhere and some people were making statues out of recycled shoes.

The cute, gray cat cuddled at her feet while the paper piggy bank run to hide under the table. She smiled. A lively, colorful and modern world, made of amazingly weird pictures was being built in front of her eyes.

😛 January 2007 – A resource for most interesting, funny and weird pictures gathered from around the web.

Contact: If you have some interesting pictures and you would like to be added on this website, all you need to do is to send an e-mail at [email protected] 😉


Webupon: 10 Amazing Blogs to Kill a Boring Afternoon

The Internet is a beautiful place where the words that people write are the amazing tapestries that defines the uniqueness of the world that we all share.The world of Internet Blogging is furiously competitive as the authors race against time to craft their next masterpiece to publish and share, before other bloggers beat them to the market. In this highly competitive marketplace of ideas, only a small handful of blogs survive to finish the rat race ahead of the pack. It is these blogs that shine and deserving so.

Weirdomatic: What a weird and strange place that our planet has become and luckily for us this is so. Weirdomatic.com delivers healthy doses of this weirdness in all its goofy glory, when you read this blog you will see. Offering a balanced collection of photos and stories this blog is uniquely entertaining.

Stimulant – Random Cool: Weirdomatic

Weirdomatic.com is a great collection of various strange things. Whether you want to inform yourself about environmental issues (“Global Warming – Then & Now”) or find an interesting place to stay for your next vacation, this site is definitely one where you can waste some time.  We especially like the Creepy Ads section, which reminds us of how much our profession has changed over the years.

Thermal: Weirdomatic

I’ve mentioned Alexandra’s site before, but I have to do it again as she keeps coming up with some stunning images that just need to be seen. The premise of Weirdomatic is simple – every day a set of beautiful or strange (or both!) images are posted up, with minimal commentary. The pictures really do the talking, here’s one of todays: Steel Animals. Recent sets include Frozen Fruits and the astounding Sedlec Ossuary.

Museum of Weirdness: A Letter To You, Dear Weirdo

So, I suppose you’re expecting something even weirder than last time, aren’t you now? Well, I can’t 100% promise you that – and let’s face it, you’ve already seen a fair amount of weirdness – but what I can promise you is that over at the following link you will find a web-site that will have even Lady Gaga confused and all a muddle and wondering if she is really the most innovative fashionista out there. Yes, my friend, the web-site if full of it, so see for yourself: http://www.weirdomatic.com/crazy-smashing-hairstyles.html

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