Angel Wings



Who could have thought there is so much beauty in the sky?? A few decoy flares and the show is on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

A (decoy) flare is an aerial infrared countermeasure to counter an infrared homing (“heat seeking”) surface-to-air missile (SAM) or air-to-air missile (AAM). The aim is to make the infrared-guided missile seek out the heat signature from the flare rather than the aircraft’s engines. (Source: Wikipedia)

Angel Wings













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41 Responses to “Angel Wings”

  1. Angels of Hell ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Now that’s what I call art

  3. The 5th one down in conclusive proof of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    A true vision of the FSM.

  4. wow .. awesome

  5. WOW!!! Takes your Breath away.

  6. pictures 5 and 10 – absolutely amazing!!

  7. now tha the best thing that i seen for a while

  8. SWEET!!!! This is what god must look at on his free time (Saturday nights)!!!

  9. Absolutely stunning. Are you shure these things are defensive intended devices? I mean, considering they look like the Lord himself has just descended.

  10. yes… sure…. “angel wings”…

    Hope you can say the same if one of that missiles hit in your family’s house.

    Great pictures, really… but don’t say “angel wings”.

  11. HEY NICE PICS!!!

  12. Really incredible thnakyou who posted and special thanks to the creators


  13. yeah 3 cheers for the USA lets bomb everybody

  14. its very astounding! Beautiful pictures, great shots with hints of spiritualism.

  15. and upon his noodly appendage, praise was heaped and splattered, as if it were even the holy sauce, and the people cried Yay in unison.

  16. Those aren’t missiles, they are countermeasures to throw off missiles being shat at the plane.

  17. shat…. lol

  18. For those of you who have the snide comments about the “angel wings”……Look again, these are not bombs they are flares intended to be a decoy for heat seaking missles! This is how the military stays out of harms way sometimes…..Sheesh people!

    God bless our military!

  19. Wow they do look eerily like angels wings! I like pic 5 best :o)

  20. nice

  21. wik

  22. thats got to be the hardest job in the world to put on the fine art great ending to a hard day as well

  23. cul…..*

  24. it so pretty.. XD

  25. Remember people seeing is believing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. i love it… i could do with some of those on bonfire night or to freak out some frail, timid pensioners when i’m feeling naughty. some of the comments on this page are great….. i like the ones where they think that the sparkly things are missiles and not taking time to consider the astronomical cost, tactical inefficiency and the amazing stupidity it would take to unleash 20 of the fuckers off in millions of directions at once… i would say you’d never hit a target and kill scores of civillians but america seem to be dab hands at that anyway. nice pix by the way

  27. what the heck peoples!? those are most definitely NOT missiles! i’ve BEEN there and seen that before. they’re flares! most missiles DONT light up like THAT. plus sometimes the military uses those planes for military airs shows and display that kind of show. So i say beautiful pics and they DO look like angel wings.

  28. ……….. Who ever came up with the idea of angel wings was a truly glorified person for god has shown them the light…and BTW 5,10,and 11…priceless

  29. Thats pritty cool Wish id of seen that in the Army oh well reminds me of Gundam Wing

  30. this is so totally wicked

  31. Its sooo awesome!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. These pictures are so awesome.They really impress me!

  33. Yay for signs of GOD!

  34. Ugh. They’re not signs of God. They whorls are caused by wing-tip vortices. It’s the same reason planes have to wait before take-off at the airport.

    However, the formations are still known as “smoke angels.”

  35. […] We first spotted this cool aerial phenomenon on weirdomatic. […]

  36. lol at all the morons thinking those are missiles being fired.

  37. When your butt is flying right over the bad guys, and they would love to see you go down in flames….

    Believe me, we’ll take an angel in any form or shape it comes in.

    Bob – Marine Corps aerial refueling missions over N. Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. 1972

  38. wow, go army

  39. These are awesome pictures. I found them through a web search for Angel Wings. I’m so glad I chose to stop by your page.

    Thanks for sharing then

  40. Yes, so beautiful… so much of war is beautiful .. before one sees the details of the destruction… the burnt flesh, the melted steel, the crumbled towns, the charred fields…

  41. but sometimes happens. as I know decoy flares are not used to attack but to defend aircrafts – an infrared countermeasure

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