Beyond Perfection: Christophe Gilbert



I just found some marvelous pictures… they belong to Christophe Gilbert, a very talented Belgian photographer from Bruxelles, specialized in visual art. Truly impressive… Enjoy!

Christophe Gilbert 00


Christophe Gilbert 01

Christophe Gilbert 02


Christophe Gilbert 03


Christophe Gilbert 04


Christophe Gilbert 05


Christophe Gilbert 06


Christophe Gilbert 07


Christophe Gilbert 08


Christophe Gilbert 09


Christophe Gilbert 10


Christophe Gilbert 11

Christophe Gilbert 12


Christophe Gilbert 13


Christophe Gilbert 14


Christophe Gilbert 15


Christophe Gilbert 16


Christophe Gilbert 17


Christophe Gilbert 18


Christophe Gilbert 19


Christophe Gilbert 20


Christophe Gilbert 21


Christophe Gilbert 22

Many of this photos emphasize the feminine beauty and sensitivity, but all of them are a fruit of an amazing mind. Christophe Gilbert recreates the world.
Photo courtesy: Christophe Gilbert /


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20 Responses to “Beyond Perfection: Christophe Gilbert”

  1. Wow! Very impressive.

  2. Genius!

  3. Awesome!

  4. E evidente che il luogo e stato fatto dalla persona che realmente conosce il mestiere!

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  6. Absolutley brilliant……

  7. Hi,

    I have just stumbled across you pictures … via google images they are truley stunning… I was wondering if I could have you permision to use the water Lily picture on a poster for a chill herbal remedy that I am launching…. we have a very limited budget …. try non existant but happy to credit your work.

    Kind Regards

    Vicky Perks

  8. Hi Vicky,

    Sorry.. the pictures are not mine… they belong to Christophe Gilbert. You can visit his website
    and try to find there a way to contact him and ask him for permission.

  9. good work … and his retoucher is Yannick Le Coq.

  10. Very beautiful! I’m certainly gonna be digging up more of this guy’s work. A splendid posting. Thank you, Alexandra!

  11. my pleasure 😉

  12. uncomparable photography,
    you are great Alexandra,

  13. Who is Alexandra?Do u guys know each other?……sorry 4 being nosy!!

  14. no we don’t know each other 😉

  15. marveolus!!!! perfect evidence of human’s creativity. amazing!!! salute to christophe gilbert

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  17. Brilliant pictures, thanks very much for the post.

  18. Im blind!!!!!! 8(

  19. I’m just amazed.Such a beautiful pictures! Precious!

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