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You are what you eat… but how many times do you know exactly what you really eat??





























Source: These pictures were received by e-mail. I would be happy to give credit if you know the author or the website. 

Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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41 Responses to “Bon Appetit”

  1. it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. […] al photoshop beauty’s met horror creaties. Nu iets luchtigers, als eerst creatief met eten. Mooie creaties van photoshop en voedsel, hoe ze het doen, geen idee, maar het resultaat is geweldig. Als tweede dieren + groenten en fruit. […]

  3. Very cool Pictures!

  4. how wonderfull is dit!!
    geweldig is dit,zeg!!

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  6. what’s with the lemon peeing on the pills?
    i don’t get that one.

  7. i also like this one but started to think half way through lookin at these how bored and sad are some peoples lives to be able to sit and do this xx

  8. good tho to be honest hidden talents x

  9. wow these pics are relle great and i feel sorry foe the ppl that havent got anythang better to do! but these pics ar stil great!!!

  10. These were amzing are they real???

  11. wow! amazing image!!

  12. Wow, did you see that last one, the video! That was cool.

  13. simply great………….

  14. To the people like bekki who think this is somehow sad and a waste of time, I wonder what they think IS a good use of time? sitting on their arses watching telly? getting pissed in a nightclub? the person/ people who did these did not do them because they were bored, they did it because they are imaginitive and intelligent and THINK.

  15. lol, that wuz koool.

  16. Beautiful, food as art…..and even campy. Although, I find the picture of the apple biting the thumb horrifyingly creepy…….

  17. Hay ……. they are cool………. keep posting more.

  18. wow they all are cool and intresting images.i like them all.

  19. what the hell creepy……

  20. This is amazning and very talented people spending a lot of time on these thankyou very much x

  21. These pics make me sad 🙁

  22. Those Pic… are cool.. you were trying to figure out the artist.. i dont know but i can tell u its a Canadian 10cents in the bread

  23. Peace. A little bit creepy but creative . How if they alive and chase us? hehe

  24. I realy enjoy all funny pictures and each picture show a story.

  25. Just think how many works of art would never have been produced if someone hadn’t looked at a piece of granite and saw what was hidden inside just waiting for someone to set it free. If they had just thought “What a boring waste of time.” and moved on.

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  28. awsome art food!

  29. People get paid phenomenal amounts of money to create these things, it’s not done out of boredom or because people have to much time on thier hands. I own a graphics firm that buys this work and publishes it and the artists that submit the work are very accomplished and educated.

    P.S. I don’t get the Lemon either.

  30. they r hillarious

  31. thats an out of this world talent! they are simply amazing!!!

  32. @Cybersynaptics—Maybe the Lemon’s issue is he is sick of being sick, taking pills, drugs, and by doing what he is doing he is saying “OH P*SS on it all”!?…Either that or he prefers his pills in bottles not little individually sealed portions, they can be difficult for people with arthritis, so the urinating is an expression of his frustration?

  33. That was tight dog. 8)

  34. but starving kids in africa should have got this food, instead people waste it on making art?

  35. i love this art… how i wish i could do it

  36. they are magnificient..THANKS for sharing…

  37. If anyone doesnt get WHY the lemon is peeing on the pill wheres why. They are lemon flavored pills and thats how they get the lemon flavor!

    i got like half of these pix in email from one of my friends
    i really like the peeing lemon
    the pear banjo
    and the bread guys

  39. they are so cute and made me smile..

  40. I think the lemon pic is a ploy on medication, and that lemons are natural anti-oxidants I.E. natural medicine and are far better than any man made pharmaceutical…

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