Brazilian Carnival



Lively colors, sparkling costumes, people dancing and laughing, a real hurricane – each year the amazing parades hold on the Sambadrome, Rio de Janeiro attract many thousands of Brazilians and foreign tourists.


Brazilian Carnival 05


Brazilian Carnival 02


Brazilian Carnival 03


Brazilian Carnival 06


Brazilian Carnival 07


Brazilian Carnival 08


Brazilian Carnival 09


Brazilian Carnival 10


Brazilian Carnival 11


Brazilian Carnival 12


Brazilian Carnival 13


Brazilian Carnival 14


Brazilian Carnival 15


Brazilian Carnival 16


Brazilian Carnival 17


Brazilian Carnival 18


Brazilian Carnival 19


Brazilian Carnival 20


Brazilian Carnival 21


Brazilian Carnival 22


Brazilian Carnival 23


The wonderful Brazilian Carnival, celebrated as a profane event, is held forty days before Easter and represents the beginning of Lent. It is in fact an act of farewell to the pleasures of the flesh for the period of Lent. Although the carnival is held in many cities of the country, Rio de Janeiro is regarded as the Carnival Capital of the World, a place of entertainment and culture.


Sources: Futuremd ,Knuttz


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23 Responses to “Brazilian Carnival”

  1. Thanks for linking to my site (Sundries/Futuremd) for your blogpost on the Brazilian carnival.

    I will be doing something similar on this year’s version, later this month.


  2. Beautifull pictures of a worderfull contry, my brazil that we enjoy peoples of all the world visit us and says :brazil is a love dream.

  3. I’m sure it is… maybe next year I’ll come to visit it 😛

  4. Ez a Rióikarnevál.Szép mi?

  5. Love the excitement and fun people are having.


  6. The brazilian carnival as it happens today is definitely NOT a profane celebration. Carnivals as a whole started as a profane celebration, but that was a looong time ago. =)

  7. The carnival photos are fantastic.Its my dream to see this carnival at least once in a life time……mahadevan

  8. I live in Tampa. Im from peru and my gir is brazililan….they way they dance Zamba is just amazing….In the carnaval they dance for 12 , 16 hours not stoping, it is just crazy.

  9. these photos are really hot

  10. :* gooooooooooooood
    very very very goooooooood


  12. All I can think of is how many of these ‘girls’ are actually TS’s

  13. EEEWWWW!!!!!

    Kids could look at this !!
    If a guy posted these they should be ashamed of themself

  14. hi
    that’s very nice pic!!!!

  15. its been my wish to see this festival. fantastic costume and women with skimpy attires.

  16. @adrienne I am sorry to disappoint you. I am a girl…
    In the end, it’s just a show. 🙂

    @me too, Rene. I still hope I’ll get there some day. I’ll start though with Carnival of Venice. 😉
    Some costumes are extraordinary!!

  17. i like venice for its canal transport, very romantic. i have not seen photos of venice carnival.

  18. some of them are horrible you can the there bums and boobs them again iam only 12

  19. Wow,amaizing pics…I like carnevals!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  20. its not about nudity over there. It is not considered a porno like it is in america . Its all about the way they dance to the music with their fancy beautiful attire.

  21. PERFECT…..

  22. The priceless gifts of our home earth

  23. They all have such nice teeth.

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