London Bridge Is Falling Down…

Looking at the marvelous bridges, it reminded me of this song… It sounded all morning in my head…  I think I learned it when I was in the third grade or something like that, from a teacher who came home for my English lesson. Those were really beautiful times… Almost as beautiful as these pictures…


London Bridge 




















Millau Bridge


Source: Unknown




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7 Responses to “London Bridge Is Falling Down…”

  1. Hi Alexandra!
    I subscribed to this as soon as you mentioned it.. what a wonderful site!!!! How on earth do you find al this incredible stuff? I look forward to it every morning….
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Linda,

    I’m so glad you subscribed and you like it!!! I try to do my best… this is the main reason for abandoning my cafepress stores… but just for a while.

  3. I love bridges, and these are great photos.

    Shame London doesn’t look like that in real life! 😉

  4. Incredible photos; I’d be happy if I took any of these, ever……….ummm, the first one isn’t London Bridge, it’s Tower Bridge!

  5. These pictures are remarkable, they are so vibrantly beautiful and full of life, who ever took these pictures is truely blessed with the eye for beauty..

  6. The colors are so vibrant great pictures!

  7. i love bridges! i had a photo taken with the tower bridge in london as background. other photo bridges in this gallery are truly marvelous! kudos!

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