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Men at work! After almost 8 years in architecture, this is the first thing I think about when I hear the word brush.

Considering the fact that paint brushes represent the most common tools known to mankind, for many of us they are hard to be perceived items. Mainly defined by practical, versatile shapes, the brushes become like our hand extension and the vital element for placing colors in almost all areas of our life: from cars manufacturing and buildings construction to wall framed decorations and even calligraphy.

weird pictures with funny brushes

The magic wands which pass unseen give color to the world around us. And make it dynamic, bright and radiant.

Funny Mustached Paintbrush Packages – These were the first ones that came to my attention. Two simple brushes taken out of the huge variety and brilliantly packed within a simple hand-drawn face cardboard wrap. A clever packaging: the bigger brush serves as a mustache while the smaller one is adjusted to the design as a sole patch under the lower lip. Still, even if the design is pretty funny, the look on the printed faces is lost, confused, perplex. Any word you want to use. But hardly happy.

Weird Paint Brush Package

Funny Mustached Paintbrush Packaging

Funny Mustach Paint Brush Packaging

Design made by Simon Laliberté, a student at UQAM, for the fictive company called Poilus

The Altered Brush Project – Wrapped in lace, covered with butterflies, thoughtfully painted. Creative and eco-conscious project of Donna Downey has transformed dozens of simple paint brushes into amazing works of art. For $15, you receive by mail a brush out of which you can make a nicely artistic decoration. Even old brushes can be more than just trash.

Cute and funny Paint Brush

Odd brush for painting

the Altered brush Project Weird Paintbrush

Weird Paint Brush

Weird Paint Brushes

More brushes: Donna Downey’s Project

Paint Brush Coat Hooks – Stiffened with resin, simple brushes changed their primary purpose and became, with the help of Dominic Wilcox, a lovely decoration for hallways and coat hangers. To me, paint brushes hanged on the walls fit more inside a bachelor’s apartment. 🙂

Weird coat hanger made with paint brushes

Weird Paint brush coat hooks

Part of Object Abuse exhibition, Via Variations on Normal

The Paint Evolution – “Genetic Mutations” Paint Brushes
Taking into consideration and combining the needs of painting for straight shapes, CuldeSac, a Spanish design company have given a new sense to painting by rethinking the tools. All the efforts were meant to reveal the history of a brand: Valentine.

funny brushes

Pictures Copyright CuldeSac

funny paint brush

funny square paint brush

weird metallic brush

weird hand brush

funny painting brush for artists

funny painting brush

funny paintbrush

cornet paintbrush

stamp paint brush

Old Chinese Calligraphy Brushes – Collection of 18th and 19th century hardwood brush pots and calligraphy brushes. Not necesarily the brushes look special, but mostly their wood sculpted holders are amazing.

Collection of 18th and 19th century hardwood brush pots and calligraphy brushes

Copyright © Pagoda Red Book

And this is what I call extreme measures. Sometimes art requires sacrifice… 😛

human hair paint brush

human paint brush

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She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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