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The elegant, mesmerizing hotel from Dubai, a symbol of the Arab world and the new landmark for Portsmouth and the south coast of England are put together by the similarities…



Burj Al Arab 












Even if Burj al Arab is a luxurious, exotic hotel and the Spinnaker tower, an amazing project aimed at transforming the historic harbour of Portsmouth, their image is always connected to water. The water panoramas their offer can take your breath. Even if  it's the sea or the ocean, views are outstanding and the sensation is unbelieveble.


Spinnaker Tower 


















The most obvious similarity is their form, a metaphoric image of "sails bllowing in the wind". Burj al Arab, started in 1994, it was built to resemble the sail of a dhow, a type of Arabian vessel. Two "wings" spread in a V to form a vast "mast", while the space between them is enclosed in a massive atrium. The  Spinnaker Tower (project 1995, construction 2001)  represents sails bllowing in the wind, a design accomplished using two large, white, sweeping steel arcs, which give the tower its distinctive spinnaker sail design.


Two expensive and extravagant architectural masterpieces – each of them at one end of the world.


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6 Responses to “Burj vs Tower”

  1. I’ve seen the Spinnaker Tower up close, and it’s ok, although the area around it is less attractive…

    Massively over budget though, the people of Portsmouth will be paying that debt for years…..

  2. About the Spinnaker Tower I can’t tell anything…

    But I’ve seen Burj Al Arab and is extremely beautiful and well placed… They are making a lot of many with that hotel. From December to January, it is usually full.

  3. Show off 😉

  4. 😀 😀 I only saw it from outside 😛

  5. Those two remind me of Vasco da Gama Tower: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasco_da_Gama_Tower and i’m shure there are similar designs all around the globe.

  6. i luf my nan whoop whoop!!!

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