It’s All About Bush

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Too funny not to see them… 

















Sources: Perrspectives, 2 Political Junkies, Popular Pics


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20 Responses to “It’s All About Bush”

  1. Bush at his best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If ONLY the cub’s mother would be turned loose on that “funny” Littl’ Bush.

  3. VOTE HILLARY !!!!wwoooooooo.. she rocks my sox!!!****

  4. Is he the nature maker ??? so blaming him for everything????
    For me. he is the best.

  5. I blame the American people as much as Bush. They just dont care how many of us die.

  6. and I thought I had a.d.d fuch that lil prick Obama 2008

  7. American H8r, your opinion doesn’t matter.

  8. great, that obama won

  9. This is not funny at all. I think that it is wrong for putting this picture on this. Definitely not for Bush’s sake, but for all the poor kitten’s in the world and you people don’t even care. I think that you peoople don’t have a life and want to make people laugh but guess what, everyone who has seen this in my class was not laughing at it. You are all sick people and you need to find something else to laugh at something else like your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. BUSH you are the worst president ever!!!!!!!!

  11. You know it is so easy to push the blame on somebody else. The thruth is we are as much to blame for this chaotic present time as Bush is, it is us who voted him in, it is us who had faith in him, and it is us who should accept the punishments. Times may be rough now but we as americans are known to pull through, dark as the day may seem bright as the sun it shall be.

  12. Bush was far from great but at least he wasn’t a no experinced douchebag.

  13. I like him!!!

  14. LOL this bust me joke and all u people that are gettin all complex with it it’s only a couples of pica i’m sure it’s not gonna rip his heart out ir make the sun belt down to the earth just take a chill pill it’s only a bit of fun 🙂

  15. i hate this mother fucker he was the most crull man in history of the world ALL dum him soon soon

  16. Withdrawl is the word which Bush’s father should have thought about it.

  17. thats not funny so i hate this guy now.
    consider your self a man well your not!

  18. Bush is not funny but STUPID

  19. woow this is such a faail, so mfake man/ like serously, god

  20. wow, All fun and games til it turns around and claws your eye out Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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