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Looking for some content to add on Weirdomatic,I found the beautiful art of Paul Caparatta. It seems that all these displays were made in Africa, entirely from dead butterfly wings collected from the ground. Extremely delicate and strangely beautiful, they represent small parts of the African world: from animals and birds to people, they are all images of African culture, tradition and beliefs. 

Paul Caparatta's works, framed or not, are for sale on Butterfly Utopia



Butterfly Wing Art 15


Butterfly Wing Art 14


Butterfly Wing Art 16


Butterfly Wing Art 13


Butterfly Wing Art 12


Butterfly Wing Art 11


Butterfly Wing Art 10


Butterfly Wing Art 09


Butterfly Wing Art 08


Butterfly Wing Art 07Butterfly Wing Art 01

 Copyright © Paul Caparatta 

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17 Responses to “African Butterfly Wing Art”

  1. beautiful, it goes to show you how artistic people could be….

  2. this is really amazing but still just a little creepy it is made of dead bugs

  3. i need to know if anyone has seen butterfly wing art made in a bulls eye pattern
    i have aquired a few of them. they are from africa from the 1950’s.

  4. jennifer,
    a doctor friend of mine just brought me back a bullseye picture made from dead butterfly wings from c.a.r.: central republic of’s beautiful.

  5. My husband and I have a beautiful framed artwork that is a vase of spring flowers made entirely of butterfly wings, it’s gorgeous and over 25 or 30 years old at this time. I don’t remember where or when we acquired it.
    Is there a market for this type of artwork?

  6. hi
    i am looking to buy some butterfly wing , could you tell me where i can get them
    kind regards

  7. I have two framed pictures of African women made of butterflies, very old…I was wondering how much they are worth. Does anyone have any ideas?

  8. Does anyone know who the artist Barry Godanzi Ngayo is? I have a picture of a parrot made from butterfly wings and I wanted to know more about the artist.

  9. i have a real butterfly wing art picture three circles blue wings looks very tribal and every old in wooden gold frame would like to send you a email picture are intersted maybe you could identifiy

  10. I have a picture of a black african made of butterflies. I bought this picture from an african in the 1950’s in France.
    Could you tell me what it’s worth ?
    Thank you

  11. Hi Marie, I am very sorry but I can’t appreciate a price for that because I am not an expert. You should try to find a professional. Best wishes 🙂

  12. Has anyone seen a blue butterfly wing background with the Masonic Emblem over it

  13. I also have a Barry Godanzi Rooster butterfly wing art. I would also like to know if anyone has any information about the artist. The stamp on the back says “Specialiste D’arts Papilllons A Bangui, DB R.C.A. A508

  14. I have 3 framed in bamboo and dated 1976 by R CA cant figure out the rest. Does anyone no where I can view more and can more information. Thanks

  15. lets try that again does anyone know were i can get information on these or view thm thanks. I have two native women and two parrots

  16. Robert,

    If still interested I have some butterfly art that is just knock down beautiful. If you would like to email me I can send you some photos.



  17. I am originally from Central Africa and brought back some butterfly Art work, If anyone is interested, they can contact me at [email protected]

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