Christmas is over…


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…sooo… Santa decided to take a short vacation and have fun.


Source: Hispanic Cafe


After reading so many letters,

REUTERS/Regis Duvignau (FRANCE) 

answering phone calls from around the world, 


taking so many pictures with everyone,


and running from place to place,


sharing gifts and making people happy,


he finally decided to try new things. A little window washing,


a few sports and games,



REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch (GERMANY)



visited all the corners of the world,



passed from snow


to desert.


He even rode a bike,


went swimming with the fish,



and had fun at the amusement park.


REUTERS/Vincent Kessler (GERMANY)

He tried everything and now he's taking a looong nap. 


Let's hope he will get up until next Christmas. 😉

Happy New Year everyone!!!  

Other sources:

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News Biscuit 

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9 Responses to “Christmas is over…”

  1. Haha! Good for Santa!

  2. Nice one.

  3. hahahahaha…onya santa!!

  4. You go boy!

  5. Hahhaa, the guy under ‘to desert’ is Sinterklaas, the dutch version of Santa. (even though you stole santa from sint and not the other way round)

  6. lol have fun Santa ha ha ha or ho ho ha lol

  7. hahaha, karien is right ppl. did u not see the hat sinterklaas was wearing?

  8. That was the funnest thing i ever seen.

  9. Nice post, from my research this year, it looks like fisher price created one of the must have top toys for Christmas 2010. The sinamajigs seem to be picking up some steam and press. They might be the zhu zhu pets of the past Christmas.

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