Lots of diamonds… perfect gift for a woman…:D  it's a pity no one I know can buy this for me.. . But when I'll grow up I'll buy it myself. I don't know yet with what money… 😉  




And these ones look pretty good too.. 😀 















A chromed bike wouldn't be bad either.. 🙂 










Sources: German Cars Fans, Fun Mansion 


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4 Responses to “Chromed”

  1. Cool cars. I especially like the bike, though. I’m a biker, so I’m a bit biased in that regard.

    Take care,


  2. Ha, man those chrome cars.. they would be SOO blinding!

  3. I knew I seen one here in Denver…but no one believed me…cool cars..and motorcycles…

  4. I want that bike O_O

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