Clothespins, Pretty Boring, Huh?

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Clothespins? I know, I know… Useful, but sadly boring. In other words NOT INTERESTING!
This is what many people would say…¬† A clip, a wooden fastener, the most common accessory to help dry our clothes. Maybe it’s time to realize that it can be more than that. It can be part of an artwork, product design aaaand even part of a fashionable article of clothing. ūüôā I personally was impressed by Sandra Backlund’s dress.

Clothespin Business Card РSource:  outin10

I was preparing another post for weird business cards, but I thought this nice craft would be more appropriate here. Business cards have gotten very creative, from what I can see. I am not sure how this one would fit in your wallet though, but it is a great way to recycle clothespins.

Clothespin Chopsticks РSource:  Finestkind Clinic

Clothespin Doll Furniture РSource:  Thrifty Fun

Clothespin Lamps & Chandelier РSources: Curbly | DIY Design Community,  Apartment Therapy Chicago

Clothespin Picket Fence –¬† Source:¬† Martha Stewart

Clothespin¬†Trashcan –¬† Source:¬† Hommin

Clothespins¬†seem to be¬†innovative ideas¬†for¬†business cards¬†– you must admit it’s a little strange to write your contact details on such a support, chopsticks, furniture, clothing, almost any kind of art and design forms.¬†I put a few art examples below. The clothespin statue¬†is not among my favorites, but the 3d¬†sculpture made by Ariel Rose as well as the framed¬†clothespins¬†are pretty cool. ¬†ūüėČ

Source:  Sweet Spontaneous

Source:  Apartment Therapy Chicago

Clothespin Functional Telegraph Key РSource:  Milestone Technologies

Clothespin Match Gun –¬† Source:¬† Instructables

Decorative Clothespin for Wedding Favors –¬† Source:¬† My DIY Wedding Day

Notespin –¬† Source:¬† Back 9 Group

Other Clothespin Accessories РSource:  YANKO DESIGN

Mp3 Player Concept РSource:

Clothespin Clothing by¬†Sandra Backlund – Source:¬† Sandra Backlund’s Website

Clothespin TombstoneSource:  Lmnop

Clothespin FenceCopyright © Daniel Yuhas from Tatting My Doilies



Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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22 Responses to “Clothespins, Pretty Boring, Huh?”

  1. Pretty dang neat. I enjoyed the jump-drive.

  2. I do think these ideas are creative and could be another way to express emotion, but sadly I was not inspired by the creative use of everyday things. I think we need to move forward with our creativity and find NEW ways to be unique.

  3. You’re right, Ellie, but it’s very interesting the difference between the clasical way of using an object and it’s extended uses (due to human creativity) ūüėČ

  4. “There is nothing new under the sun”….
    only what we do with it….

  5. Exactly ūüėČ

  6. Only God can create. Man can reshape or reform that which God has created.

  7. Its amazing how you seldom upload new stories, but when u did, u came out with something that I have never seen although I received more than 10 fun/new intresting mails per day!
    U totally rock!!

  8. Exactly ūüėČ

  9. Alexandra, have you seen this? I wonder where the guy got the idea…

  10. […] seem¬†improbable and illustrating it with the work of many artists who have approached it.¬† The latest is devoted to art using clothespins as a theme.¬†¬†She doesn’t post very often, but¬†each […]

  11. well… I have been creating sculptures and installations with Wood Clothespins for over 7 years.

    Love the posting… check out my site if you did not get enough Clothespins already!

  12. Great stuff, Gerry Steca! Hope you don’t mind if I promote you on my site.

  13. Ha! you kidding? Of course. I had seen some of the inages you had posted, and even corresponded briefly with the Colthespins Fence creator.
    My website is a shame but trying to get someone to make it right ASAP. I think I have a couple more imnages i found in the net thruought the years. If you like i can e mail them.
    Long live the Wood Clothespins…which by the way are no longer made in the USA.

  14. That is so clever! I love it being used as chopsticks ~ good for noobs like me. lol

  15. dude this rocks! i rly like the mp3, flashdrive and pencil -awesome XD

  16. The clothespin trashcan rocks.

  17. Clothespins, Pretty Boring, Huh? | Weirdomatic…

    I read the comments after I looked at all the nice things that were made from close pins and we do need to move forward in advancements but, nothing beats the good ol’ clothes pin!
    Nothing beats the basics!…

  18. There’s a statue in Tel-Aviv of a clothespin!

  19. These are brilliant. My Gran used to do something similar and make small house shaped moneyboxes that never had any money in them. I remember well the peg gun, surprisingly painful.

  20. Only God can create. Man can reshape or reform that which God has created.

  21. With clothespins in her brown-blond hair

  22. clothes pins are so unique they all can make unique things like clothes and to make design. omg ( oh my god!!!!)

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