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Have you ever wondered what hides behind all those coffee vending machines? Or better said inside them…

But a little milk and any cup of coffee, chocolate, cappuccino can make your day more beautiful. You can draw, write, give form by pouring milk in your favorite drink. I was impressed to see how easy this can be done.

Tony was kind enough to let me use his pictures from the latte art Flickr set. If you have any interesting coffee creation, you can leave them in your comments.

latte art

Lavazza Coffee is a wonderful espresso to use for lattes.

coffee art

How to make everything you imagine with only milk or cream and coffee?

And also a video: coffee art

Sources: tonx,

A little more happiness with every coffee cup – books and accessories for an amazing morning latte:



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She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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  2. […] Milk, a cup of coffee and chocolate, it’s that you need to make, coffee art! See more pictures here. […]

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  4. sadsa

  5. oooh there’s a kiki (kiki’s delivery service) design!

  6. Super mooi dat je met koffie zoiets kan maken
    verry nice

  7. O.m.G!! ThEzE ArE GaWjUzZ….JuZz AbSoLuTlY AwSoMe…KeWl Az LoVe ThOzE…HoW YeW DoOo DeM???

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  9. Coffee Art! How they make it…

  10. […] by baristas on the foam and cream tops of espresso based drinks. Most of the time, you’ll see abstract designs, or, occasionally, flowers or butterflies, or bunnies or dogs . . . but some baristas are truly artists. You’ll see images like the portrait of Bruce Lee […]

  11. many of the photographs on this page are mine. I would request that each individual image be credited to me with a linkback to the original flickr page or that they be removed.

  12. These are fabulous! Have you thought of doing a cross themed one?

  13. Can I borrow some of your ideas for paintings? I would love to do a series of these!

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  15. wow, they all look so detailed. i was wondering what temp. the milk has to be? and how long you took to become soo good at it!

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  17. So beautiful! How long before they teach the starbucks baristas to do this?

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  19. Thank you so much! These photos are really nice! I just can’t believe how many different designs you can actually make just by pouring coffee. I got to show my wife this so that she can use it in her shop!

  20. wow, this pictures are amazing ! good job (:

  21. It’s magic!!! I admire

  22. Wonderful pictures!

    I will try here. HAHAHAHHA

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  24. thank you i love those coffee of your thank you!

  25. very good coffee ….

  26. wonderful , excellent
    I’m ready to death when i drink one of them

    I joking 😀

  27. hello,,it’s amazing i cant stop dreaming about it ,, i tried to do it but no drawing comes out ,, so my question is before put the milk what are u put in the cup exactly ?????? I just but the powder coffee with hot water but i think is false,, whatis the true ??

  28. You might try to find some videos and learn the secrets. I am sure you will finally succeed. good luck!!! 😉

  29. I got what you mean , thanks for posting .Woh I am glad to find this website through google. “Food is the most primitive form of comfort.” by Sheila Graham.

  30. Love looking at all your coffee Pictures , gives me some motivation to create some for my self!

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  32. Great looking photos I love all of them. Did you create those design your self? Wow it makes me feel hungry lol coffee is also great for seasoning your meat thanks for sharing.

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  34. Awesome coffee pictures,,,,,,,,,,,, am also a coffee barista

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