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I tried to find some interesting cellphone concepts… and I was amazed how many they are…In the last 2 years, everyone has been making plans for the future, but how many of them will become a reality? These ideas go far beyond the simple cell phones we’ve had for the past decade. Some are weird or funny, others are elegant or extravagant. The truth is that many of these mobile phones are just dreams for the moment. But who knows what future will bring us…

Nokia Concept Phones – Nokia Open, Nokia888, Nokia Aeon; all very interesting and futuristic.

Nokia Open Concept Phone 


Nokia 888 Concept Cellphone

Nokia 888 Concept Phone  

Nokia 888 Concept Cellphone 01 

Nokia 888 Concept Mobile Phone 

Aeon Nokia Concept Phone 01 

Aeon Nokia Concept Phone 02 

Aeon Nokia Concept Phone 03 

BenQ-Siemens – The Black Box, Snake Phone, Jaw Phone, Gamers Model, Rollerdeck model, Sliding Control Menu Model; a large variety, very futuristic and elegant, but still a dream.

Black Box 

BenQ-Siemens Concept Cellphone 

Snake Phone BenQ-Siemens 

BenQ-Siemens Concept Cellphone 01 

Jaw Concept Phone 

Jaw Phone BenQ-Siemens 

Gamers BenQ-Siemens 

Gamers Concept Phone BenQ-Siemens 

Rollerdeck model BenQ 

Rollerdeck Concept Phone BenQ 

BenQ-Siemens Concept Cellphone 02 

BenQ-Siemens Concept Mobile

Pantech Mobile Concepts

Pantech Concept Phone 01 

Pantech Concept Phone 02 

Pantech Concept Phone 05 

Pantech Concept Phone 03 

Pantech Concept Phone 04 

Wide Cube 

Sony Ericsson Concept Cellphones – a few models, a little boring as they are too classical.

Sony Ericsson Concept Phone 01 

Sony Ericsson Concept Phone 03

Sony Ericsson Concept Phone 02 

Sony Ericsson Concept Phone 04 

Sony Ericsson Concept Phone 05 


Motorola Concept Phone 

Alcatel – these are a bit ugly, but the idea is funny.

Alcatel Concept Phone 

Alcatel Concept Phone 01

Yanko Design – Paper Phones

Yanko Design Concept Phone

Yanko Design

Polymer Vision

Polymer Vision Concept Phone


More information about these mobile phones:

Nokia888 Website


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  4. But there will be some that cannot be dropped so easily 😉

  5. […] La diferencia entre todos estos y el iphone es que este ultimo es una realidad y los demás son prototipos que probablemente nunca verán la luz. Aunque algunos tienen que ser una pasada. […]

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  15. most of these phones suck my nokia 3310 is better

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