Pimpin’ in the Parking Lot

Just like the song says. 🙂

I started to take driving lessons. Again! After I haven’t touched a car in many years… So funny cars are back among my favorite subjects! And, of course, everything else connected to them.

Pretty, huh? 😀

As we already have those insane cars, maybe it’s time to search for a cool parking place in a a modern metropolis. I could find a lot of pictures of crazy, smashing car parks. The location is absolutely impressive for some. Others have an amazing architecture or artistic paintings. Mmmm… I wish I was there with my little car.

On the stage, once more

A wonderful car park inside the former Michigan Theatre. We could say it is Detroit’s stylish Italian Renaissantist parking garage, ironically built on the same site as the first automobile workshop owned by Henry Ford. After one hundred years, the site is turning to its original function, leaving behind the glorious times as an amusement marvel.

Via: Gsgeorge on Wikipedia

“It is not merely a theatre for Detroit. It is a theatre for the whole world. It is designed to be the great showplace of the middle west.” (Kunsky, August 1926)

Copyright DetroitDerek Photography on Flickr

Tickets for the view?

The amazing scenery makes a simple parking garage stand out from the crowd. Deeply dug into the rock, the concrete parking lots imagined by Swiss firm Peter Kunz Architektur give the enjoyment of the mountainous splendor of Herdern, Switzerland

More pictures on enpundit

Green is lovely

Especially if we bring into discussion the most amazing garage in Miami Beach. A few palms, some green bushes and a few plants crawling the walls in search of light – a wonderful terrace in the middle of the city. It’s hard to believe it can hide a simple parking.

Via Treehugger

Photovoltaic Carport

And because we are at the green chapter… Last year, there were some rumors about some fascinating power generating parking lots that were going to form a 10 megawatt photovoltaic carport for Aramco headquarters, in Saudi Arabia – the world’s largest parking of this kind. I wonder if the project became a reality…

Via Greenlaunches

The illusion

Eureka Parking in Melbourne has the walls and floors painted with an outstanding illusion in order to indicate the directions easier inside the building. Being in the right position, the driver can see the distorted letters as one piece.

Via Amazing Only

The Amazing Tromp L’Oeil Art of Eric Grohe

And because we are talking about illusions, it is impossible to ignore the Cornerstone Square Parking Garage, Canton, Ohio. A true marvel. A simple building completely transformed by painting its exterior with three dimensional images. A work like this demands talent, imagination, experience and Eric Grohe has them all. More about the technique…


and after.

Pictures opyright © Eric Grohe

Pictures opyright © Eric Grohe

Sea Firefly or Umihotaru

If it happens to be in Tokyo, you have the opportunity to park your car in one of the most weird spots. Umihotaru floating car park is a lovely artificial island for the ones who are not seasick and want to admire a beautiful view…

Umihotaru-Tokyo floating car park

Japanese weird vehicle parking

Wonderland Books

Giant books decorate the facade of the Kansas City library parking. Isn’t this feeling like Alice in Wonderland?

Kansas City Library Funny Parking Lots

kansas city library parking books

And I love the following guerilla advertising campaigns.

Volkswagen Guerrilla Advertising Campaign inside Parking Garage, Cars are talking – I wish I was… Via: In a Guerilla Costume

So… Who said car parks were ugly and boring? :)))

Last car parked here missing sign

For the ones interested in details concerning car park design, the architectural side of these beautiful places and also information on charging hybrid and electrically powered vehicles, there is a nice book:

That’s about all!

Alien parking

Alien Parking sign in Roswell, New Mexico (ohotograph Joseph Sohm Corbis)

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