Creative Tissue Boxes

Crying has never been so fun ever before. Or changing seasons with a bad cold, this easy… I bet some really funny tissue boxes can make anyone forget their sadness or cold. A dark Tiki head or a proud pharaoh with paper running out through their nose, a sneezing tissue box and a cute gag gift perfect for any “Man Cave” can always change your mood. Prepare yourself for some really cute and weird pictures below. 🙂











Shakespeare Head Tissue Box Cover

Shakespeare Head Tissue Box Cover

Skeleton  tissue box

Gothic Tissue Box via Japan Trend Shop

Weird anime tissue box cover

Weird Anime Tissue Box

And the last one and the most weird tissue box – every time you take out a tissue, you will hear a little sneeze or cough of the little box cover.

Weird tissue box covers

Sold by Amazon >>> Product link – Sneezing Tissue Box


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14 Responses to “Creative Tissue Boxes”

  1. Wait’ll you see where the hand lotion comes from……

    More at Weirdomatic….

  2. I really love this site !!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Ha! Love it. Especially that first one.

  5. Nagyon szép és der?s napot kívánok Neked!

    Ezek a mellĂ©kletek talán segĂ­tenek a jobb kezdĂ©sben…

  6. I simply adore al websites that are such fun……just like this one.

  7. The Tiki Tissue Box

    can be found here.

    And here you can personalize funny tissue boxes with your own photos.

  8. Where to purchase the tissue boxes?

  9. I think the second one is the best!

  10. My physics professor had the first one. Haha!

  11. i have #3!! (the mice)
    i like the stonehenge one

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  13. i like the first one
    wtf is up with the last one??

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