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Sometimes it’s really scary what human mind can conceive for advertising. If you are a vintage ads freak, you can find some more over here: Vintage Prints & Advertisments or you can have this wonderful book:
Those Were the Days: Weird and Wacky Ads of Yesteryear

creepy ad

I wonder what drug rehabilitation centers were like back then.

You can find more here.

Sources: Plan59Vintage Advertising, Pollenatrix



Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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220 Responses to “Old Creepy Ads”

  1. What a great post. A wonderful example of the joy of ephemera…brilliant.

  2. Lysol… were they serious???

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  4. This is a superb collection – I linked it from our site. The pig is funny as hell!

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  6. it must have taken a lot of time and hard work to collect all, Great Work!

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  8. links for 2007-05-08…

    ???? – ?????????? – ?? + ALTZ ……

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  12. Potpourri for Tuesday…

    “I say, old bean — the reactor appears to be on fire” — a line probably not heard during the Windscale Disaster in 1957. Divinely designed churches.  Some of these……

  13. […] At least I think they are from the Fifties: they’re definitely from around that period, and they are all definitely weird, and some slightly unsettling. I rather liked the advert for “prompt control of senile agitation” – it amused me. Head to this page to see these adverts for yourself. […]

  14. This fucking rocks!!! Take me back, to the good old days. I especially love the lysol…get your ass back in the kitchen and clean woman!!! LOL.

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  16. You should see Minnie…

    1. How did I miss the Mickey Al-Mousi controversy? Political considerations aside, it’s such a cheap knockoff! 2. In the Book of Daniel, the lions are totally underplayed! More from Slate’s genius blogging of the Bible. 3. Like gargling with……

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  18. Those are fascinating.
    I like the Thorazine one.

  19. Bring back the 50’s again! Back in th good old days, back in the

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  21. The Lysol add is unreal. “Lysol Brand Disinfectant” Indeed!

  22. gratulation wery god

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  24. Oh man these are sooo rad.

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  27. […] These are truly….DISTURBING, yet strangely compelling. I think my favorite is the one of the hog butchering himself.   […]

  28. […] Courtesy of Katie Allison Granju, I spent a lot of time looking at these old ads. The hog ad was my favorite, in all it’s disturbing weirdness, too, KAG. […]

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  31. I can’t remember the little Philip Morris mascot’s name, but he is far and away the most sinister ad pitchman ever. That expression could be worn while torturing someone.

  32. Yes, the 50’s were very weird. I remember them well. On top of these ads, we also had very bad pop music and awful movies. I was driven to read books until the 60’s came along. I printed the “Thorazine for senile agitation” ad and stuck it up on my husband’s mirror in the bathroom. If I could get some, I’d give it to him in the mornings.

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  34. “thorazine can help the old and belligerent senile live a composed and useful life.”

    as what? permanent sofa sitter?

    brilliant collection of ads. Mind you, there’s plenty around today that will be viewed as disturbing and freaky in 20 or 30 years time.

  35. I’m sure of it 😛

  36. i hate ginger kids, creepy!!

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  39. These are some scary ads. Wonder if they actually sold anything. The ones with the demonic children are the funniest.

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  41. These are tremendous. So glad I stumbled upon this.

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  44. Strange… but fun

  45. The end of Artkon 2007, Project Status Check, the End of Summer…

    Well, here we are at the end of Summer, the end of August (practically), and the end of Artkon 2007….

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  47. Lysol, Cigarettes, drugs and a whole bunch of meat….. Wow!

  48. creepy? more like crappy!!


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  52. OMG these ads are so funny…..and i showed my girlfriend and she laughed so hard, she started crying……Thank you….I LOVE U GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!!!
    HEY get somemore once and a while to make me laugh now and then.

  53. i like ads of demonic children…!!!! ^_^
    heroin…i like that ad too.

  54. ..and we wonder why the world is in such a mess//LOOK what our parents used!!!!! hmmmm…i think we should bring some of them back!!….hmm can i have 1 bottle of thorazine and a serpasil please doc…thaaaaaanks doc 😉

  55. Wow, this is really something. From now illegal drugs to animals that seem to gain pleasure form slaughtering themselves. When these adverts were made did someone even give them a second look?! The adverts of the children in particular. Did anyone during the production of these images ever look at the images”. Did they ever think: “wow thats one creepy, strange kid, maybe we should change it.” And yeas the cigarette person and the Lysol adverts had to be the best. Wow Lysol, there just aren’t words to describe the insanity involved in that. But my pick for #1 is the “Pears’ Soap”. Did they intend for it to look like the kid would die underneath that wash tub?

  56. Oh an the Philip morris kid was Johnny Roventini, he died in ’98. http://www.bellhop.org/ This site has more on him.

  57. “The Lysol ad is unreal”

    All ads are exaggerated like that at times.

    These are fun to look at. Couldn’t people from the time these ads came out see that there was something strange about them, I guess not.

  58. What’s creepiest is that Union Carbide is the same factory that essentially caused the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in India in 1984.

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  60. Are those maggots on that kid’s plate? Oh god…

  61. An ad for tolerance and open-mindedness. Values change. Culture changes. Certainty is almost always a mistake.

  62. thanks for posting this amazing collection!

  63. I have been collecting old add for a while. I find them strangely refreshing from the “hipe” ad campains we are assulted with now days.
    On the other side, the old ads seem to sinister, and pander to the idea that the consumer was “stupid”.

    Great site!

  64. I have nothing clever to say except hahahahahaha!!! Hilarious 😛

  65. those pics with food…well the spaghetti looks like intestines, and there are even two livers on another picture. why is everything so red and gross?

  66. o and the jam being spread on that bread is the creepiest…that girl’s face, and that red, RED knife…

  67. I’m never looked at something with such horrified fascination. The baby under the tub looks like it’s melting! I don’t even understand what they were trying to say. This is what will happen if you use Pear soap?!?!

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  69. ROFL @ the lysol add you want me to put it where now?!

  70. To read about Union Carbide’s wonderful legacy in India:


  71. bizzare

  72. Lexapro side effects….

    Lexapro side effects….

  73. ok its fairly obvious that most of the commentors are of the younger variety and therefore have no concept of the world before ‘politically correct” arrived on the scene in the 90s, or they are scared of being labeled as a result of it. in the ”common sense was normal”, world of those days, these ads were perfectly normal and bizarre only in that virtually everyone who could readknew that they were outlandish. the modern , garden variety numbskull who has been ”protected” by consumer laws, do gooders like ralph nader, for the last 20 years cannot concieve of a group of people smart enough to look out for themselves. go vote for obama , you deserve him

  74. Wow that kb is a right cunt isn’t he? luckily he and his kind will all have died out soon and will stop spouting incoherent, uninformed rants at people who really don’t care

  75. Sometimes it’s really scary what the human mind can conceive for advertising. Strange, weird and creepy ads of the past century

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  78. Old Creepy Ads…

    Old Creepy Ads…

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  80. Make money ads weren’t around back then I guess. It would be great to see some if you’re able to locate early “make money” type ads.
    You’ve put together a great collection of early ads. Viewing these early ads has shown me how far we’ve progressed today with the internet, web 2.0 and online advertising.

  81. @ohnurse
    there is nothing special on the label of the Heroin bottle … it just states that Bayer was a manufacturer of dye before going pharmaceutical (weird as well *smile)

    but you can read about the full-ad in english here http://www.bonkersinstitute.org/medshow/bayerheroin1901.html
    and here http://www.a1b2c3.com/drugs/opi004.htm

    Heroin (by Bayer) was the ancestor of the now famous Aspirin by the same company …
    The Lysol ad may be ‘funny reading’ nowadays, but it reflects very well the female situation these days (and prior) …
    female release (sexually) started in the 70s … and controversial movies like ‘deep throat’ did show the that woman could have fun (and a climax) as well …

    How would people in 50 years evaluate today’s ads ? … e.g. the automotive ones ? :-)

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  84. The scariest one has to be the Union Carbide ad about their new plant in India. How many thousands of people died because they needed western science? Just think about the advertising claims that some products make today – and the lack of oversight! Bastards!

  85. Sounds to me like kb could use some thorazine.

  86. i wish i could read the Heroin advertisement, but just the fact that it was given an advertising budget is rich.

    and Phillip Morris claiming that it is not curative, but “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! Oy!

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  88. The little girl in the last ad (being served ham and yams) looks scarily like Jack White! LOL

  89. Mostly fun but There are some creepy ads there….
    Lysol as douch, they have to be kidding! For those who don’t know, the vagina is self cleaning. That would at least upset the healthy bacteria balance if not cause actual harm. If you must kill bacteria …put back the good ones with active yogurt pills or the bad ones will come back faster to the great breeding ground.

  90. Great collection! One small thing. The werewolf ad for “Mr.Scarol” is not a real ad, but a PARODY, from either Mad or possibly Cracked humor magazine. It is a direct takeoff on the “Miss Clairol” hair color ads of the time. Their slogan was, “Does she or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” The rest seem completely authentic and are wonderful

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  92. Wow. Check out the size of the pupils on the Nembutal kid!

    And Union Carbide in India — shudder!

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  94. There’s a good chance that my grandfather, Deforest Sackett, created the Nembutal ad. His design firm had the Abbot Labs contract for several years. I’m not sure who would have created the illustration, but he certainly would have been the art director, and may have handled the typography.

  95. Horrifyingly fun. I’m particularly nauseated/amused by the pig slicing himself for the pork lover’s enjoyment…

    Thanks for the compilation!

  96. who’s to say that today’s ads might not be just as unsettling on a former generation that arguably had different values around family and american life. on the same hand, it would be interesting to run this same exercise in 50 years using current ads to benchmark “creepy”. its all relative.

    i find them amusing, disturbing, and attention grabbing, much like a lot of the crap used to catch my attention today.


  97. I found the Union Carbide ad touting how science was building a new India really creepy when you think about all the Indians killed by the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal almost 24 years ago.

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  99. is that a baby John Goodman in the first one?

  100. I rembmer in the 80s all Wendy’s tables had old time advertisements on them. I used to love to go to Wendys and look at the old ads.


  101. @ohnurse.. the heroin one isnt an ad, its a pic of the bottle.. it was sold by bayer and was one of the company’s more successful innovations along with aspirin.

    in those days, opiates were given and taken for a wide range of uses, the strangest one being a cough suppressant (like codeine) but * for infants *..

  102. Bitch stole my fish.

    I douche with Lysol, it’s tough on germs

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  106. WTF!!?? Lysol!?? I need to try that! I know the boys will just flock to me! hahahahhahaa – great post btw! 😀

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  108. give grampa some thorizane! that will help out with his sychoness.

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  111. Cuanto ha cambiado la publicidad…

    Sin duda alguna a través de los años la estetica publicitaria ha cambiado en gran manera, estos anuncios son prueba de ello. Algunos muy raros por cierto….

  112. Who dresses for Halloween as an Ivy Leaguer? Lamest costume ever.

  113. […] and unusual things fascinate you, Aquarians. Therefore I have no doubt that you’ll dig the Old Creepy Ad post on Weirdomatic.com (thanks Ilene). Sometimes it’s really scary what the human mind can conceive […]

  114. Thanks for publishing this collection. I used to have a collection of old Life magazines and the cigarette ads were outrageous. They included
    “not one sigle case of throat irritation due to smoking (brand name)”
    “My singing coach recommended (brand name) to help my singing voice”,
    as well as a cigarette endorsement from a pro baseball player, and a claim that one brand was healthier since the cigarettes were longer so the smoke goes through more tobacco. (There might actually be some “merit” in that last claim if you put it out sooner than you would a shorter cigarette).

  115. Nossa!!!Esses anúncios realmente fazem-nos pensar o quanto a publicidade veio evoluindo com o passar do tempo! Ótimas essas imagens! Algumas dão mesmo medo… hehehehehehe!!

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  118. The whole thing with Lysol and douches was that back in the “Good Old Days” ™ the birth control methods and family planning that we take for granted today in the US were illegal in many places and where they weren’t illegal, they were still difficult to obtain.

    That generation of Family Values Fascists considered it “immoral” (just like their kids do today). Douches were created and intentionally marketed as a stealth form of (wildly imperfect) contraception.

  119. Does anyone else notice that the spaghetti on that kid’s fork seems be flying away?


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  122. […] himself would make me want to eat sausage, or whatever that ad is promoting. Weirdomatic.com has more creepy ads like this here, if you’re interested. My favorite has to be this Thorazine ad; give me about five years, and […]

  123. Nice high-school-textbook summarization of the sexual revolution. Too bad it’s false.
    Also, Deep Throat later was revealed to be made up of almost entirely coerced performances by Linda Lovelace. ALL porns are fake. That is not real pleasure.

    The Lysol ad is another way to keep women thinking their bodies are disgusting and men thinking that vaginas have teeth. In short, it perpetuates sexism, just like “Mammy! A blitzkrieg!” on the other site perpetuates racism.

    That kind of thing still goes on in advertisements today … just far, far more insidiously. Check out tampon ads. Did you know that tampons are actually bad for women and also help to pollute the earth? And there are other, way better alternatives, so please don’t buy the ad campaigns.

    In a few decades, a lot of modern ads will seem insane. In fact they seem pretty insane RIGHT NOW.

  124. OMG, these are GREAT!!! Good collection. Does anyone else think that the French clown in the “Chocolat Poulain” ad looks like Kevin Spacey in makeup? Eww. And no one has mentioned the creepy blue ribbon people bowling in the Pabst ad. God, I may have nightmares!

    By the way, I douche with nitric acid to be sure I’m REALLY CLEAN. ; D

  125. the one about the pig cuting its self up to make pork is…disturbing..

  126. the no belladonna is exactly how i feel. i think this stuff is great and yes it does look like kevin

  127. “Backfire” with Belladonna? What are they euphemising? Gas, or a drug crash?
    Great graphic. It looks like something from “Reefer Madness.”
    My sister and I were amused to find in Hawaii that they were selling Belladonna cigarettes. I thnk they were supposed to be for asthma.

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  130. The inspiration that launched Doyle Dane Bernbach.

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  132. After Hours 10_03…

    Old, creepy ads. Including baby with razor, and “Smoking is Believing.” Creepy is right.
    If this isn’t about the strangest wallpaper design, I don’t know what is. Those of you marketing an OAB drug might really like it!
    Breathtaking photo: colo…

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  136. minge

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  139. This isn’t Fark, so it’s kinda hard to tell if the same level of sarcasm exists here.

    Some of these were ‘shopped. Especially Lysol and Thorazine.

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  145. That little girl (that looks like food TURNS HER ON) from the food ads, skeeves me out!

  146. Does anyone know when union carbide made that ad? Was it during the Bhopal incident in India?

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  149. SEM — I grew up with alot of these unusual if no schizo-polar ads; except the French ones, and I goota tell you, that spaghetti was great, and I was the model for that ad.


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  151. angry grandparents?
    drug ’em up with good ol’ Thorazine!

  152. i found the pork one very disturbing.
    i like the spaghetti boy, he looks like he’s eating brains.
    and also the jam girl.
    the hot chocolate guy looked like he was drinking blood.
    that child safety poster was really creepy and kinda gory.
    this is hilarious and frightening at the same time…
    great job, this has to be my favorite one. :)

  153. the girl eating the livers and ham at the end of this page looks REAL creepy…
    look out, she might eat your brains

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  155. I think the kid in the Nembutal ad is Lou Reed.

  156. whats up with all the creepy little children about to rape foods xD

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  161. Some of these ADS were still being used well into the 1960s, i can remember a few of them well!

  162. […] artistas se emplearon. Se pueden encontrar algunos de los ejemplos más inquietantes aquí, en Le Cochon Prodigue , la promoción de salchichas francesas con el eslogan “Usted va […]

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  164. Kids were alot creepier back then. lol…..

  165. Excellent topic is so funny but very informative I really enjoyed a lot I want to know more about it.

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  168. These are absoultely priceless. Nice work!

  169. […] weirdomatic.com/creepy-ads […]

  170. I love, love, love this post, where did you get all these?

  171. Ok, here’s the weird part, there are plenty of ads out there today that are just as bad. My favorite from this list, however, is the senile agitation one. That would get regulated before it was ever published now a days.

  172. i personally liked the pig that was slicing itself. and the senile agitation. but the lysol…?!

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  177. haha the ginger girl rocks!

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  179. The hog slicing himself is certainly the funniest.

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  183. Hey! A Blast from the past! This blog is so wonderful! I cannot keep my eyes off the monitor! It is so hilarious but as the same time weird and old. I feel like I am old. These Old Creepy Ads still makes the advertising alive even now and the best thing about is, that it is still an effective marketing tool even with new and high-technology techniques in catching the interest of thousands of people.

  184. thank you for taking the time and making this fantastic post for the people

  185. yes some ads are really disturbing and some are total crap!

  186. this is a creepy website because of the ads but they r so cool so thanx BTW u scared my sis so thanx times 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  187. sorry for that :)))

  188. Amazing…..

  189. Ha! The union carbide ad is a killer!!! Literally! How they are helping India? Their gas leak later killed thousands there, in the Bhopal gas tragedy. A hand in things to come? Right on!

  190. The one with the ginger eating spaghetti is going to haunt me forever. Souless demons they are.

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  193. Social history truely enjoyed your pictures John UK.

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  195. Thank god for modern graphic design

  196. I have been looking for a vintage poster that shows a big eye in the sky (surrounded by sun rays) and watching people on Earth doing various activities, bycicling, sleeping, walking, even people robbing, etc. It could have been a Pharmacy add, but i’m not sure. I had seen it in the 60’s. if you do know what i’m talking about, please help me. thanks, clara

  197. why does the santo´s add is creepy? D:

  198. why not? :))

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  200. woo, I kike it very much

  201. weiiiiiiiiird.

  202. 5th one was soo craapy

  203. Wow… I’m old enough to remember a lot of these. What’s creepy is that they WEREN’T creepy at the time.

  204. Já não se fazem publicitários como antigamente.

  205. I found a collection here:

    I love old ads!

  206. Most of these are not “creepy”. That is an overused word nowadays. They might just be strange compared to what we see and think now.

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  212. Damn…It looks like our grandparents did a lot of drugs back then too!

  213. It’s the second time when i’ve seen your site. I can understand lots of hard work has gone in to it. It’s really good.

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  215. Good to see the ant farm. My dad made me one of those as a child and the advert is right, they ARE fasinating.

    The other adverts are fascinating too, but for different reasons.

  216. […] giggle. In search of inspiration from old adverts, I hit upon this collection of gems, courtesy of Weirdomatic.com. These are just some of the ones that creeped me out most, but there are plenty more. Advertising […]

  217. People will look at us in thirty or forty years and say just how stupid we were.

  218. maybe… who knows :)))

  219. Lysol on my va***a!!!! Holy Mother, can’t even get the stuff on my hands without burning them………..OMG.

    Get a nice bar of soap from Heaven And Earth Body dot com or Soap Works Studio dot com, even use a Pamper Baby Sensitive Diaper Wipe but not Lysol.

    That stuff would burn your sensitive areas, heck even your non sensitive areas. :O

    Now that advertisement was scary.

  220. My grandmother tells me they use to put real coke in Coca Cola.

    Now you have to beg a doctor just to get your Valium refilled. He says the Government is really getting into 1,001 questions on why doctors are prescribing stuff and forget the doctor/patient confidentiality – the government now wants ALL YOUR INFORMATION.

    “If the words ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on.” – by: Terence McKenna

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