Elevator Floor Illusion

Would you dare to go in?? A little bit scary this elevator… 😀 







Source: Hemmy.net  


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17 Responses to “Elevator Floor Illusion”

  1. How did no one notice the asian guy isnt wearing shoes in the second picture. You al missed the whole point of these photos.

  2. Obviously a Photoshop job. Is this the best you have?

  3. photoshoped, not photoshoped it looked interesting and weird 😉

    BTW… you again??? do you have an obsession with photoshop? you said the same thing on http://www.weirdomatic.com/funny-painted-cars.html. Can’t you post a nice comment at least once?

  4. JIm your an idiot, it’s NOT a photochop. It’s a very clever piece of perspective art.

  5. Crrect, not photoshopped. That guy is famous for his perspective art, often drawing on the streets

  6. JIm is photoshopped.

  7. No, there is a guy that does mostly sidewalk painting s like this. It only works at certain angles. He has been known to make art like this in NY and San Francisco. Google it kids!

  8. Ever since the internet started we’ve had idiot wannabe critics tellin us whether everything is “Photoshopped” or not..HEY GENIUS!! DONT YOU FEEL STUPID

  9. Even if it had been photoshopped, Jim, you’re a tosser

  10. Photoshop? Give me the GIMP!

  11. it is AWESOME! wish the owner come to Brunei and make something like this in Brunei =) nice jobs. definitely extreme and unusual.

  12. that is really scary. CRAZY MAN coocoo

  13. wow thats crazy is it photoshoped ?
    Anyways i like it

  14. omg it would be fuckin funny if he fell

  15. Duh…its obviously not Photoshop! Jim dont know the differ, so Alex..just ignore Jim..he’s too into ur web and have no better things to say bcuz of his ego! LOL

  16. You’re all fucking retarded, they are two completely different elevators and it’s obviously a glass floor. Jesus christ!

  17. Hi Tom, being nice and talking nice is pretty hard I know…

    Yes, there are 2 different elevators… you’re good!

    But…. if you did not know elevators have some cables and the elevator shaft looks something like this:




    In your world… do elevators float?

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