Extreme Car Tuning


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Honda in an Arab country:


honda tuning






extreme tuning 






Audi A8 polished to look like it's made of silver. It was customized by MTM (Germany) for someone in Dubai. Pictures source: MTM


silver audi


dubai audi



Extreme low rider



Someone who loves orange…






… and someone who loves pink…


Extreme speaker systems






… and an extreme body kit:






 Pictures sources: 4tuning.ro, flickr.com, emails

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She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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36 Responses to “Extreme Car Tuning”

  1. who the fuck would mess up these cars this bad? what the fuck is the point of putting butterfly doors on a honda?!?! and wtf is up with the trunk? go pimp a short bus

  2. the ones who have enough money to mess them up like that 😉

  3. I don’t think they’re messed up – they’re just extreme… I love the Honda

  4. Max, you just arent into that. You probably just want a good ass fuck every now and then. Youre just a retard that doesnt understand someone else’s interest. I hope you get run over by the pimped out short bus.

  5. The ones near the bottom look like Transformers stuck in mid-transform.

    Wow, your doors open different…unimpressive

  6. i have no word to say how nice it is

  7. Pimp-0-Rama!

  8. 2 EACH HIS OWN………..

  9. Wow Divi, i guess your interest is pointlessly insulting people whom you’ll never meet in real life on a website… very mature.

  10. do you guys know of a good shop that can help me.
    i want to purchase some 20×8.5 and 20×10 wheels for
    a bmw 5ser.

  11. can’t help you… sorry 🙂

  12. Cars like those can make me go gaga over a guy!!

  13. Or not, i’ll drive my own!=)

  14. Every one of those is extremely ugly, except for the silver Audi. The creator of that last Audi with the body kit that makes it look like a jeep needs to be thrown in jail. There is just no excuse. Actually, when you factor in that big gay sound system and the fire extinguisher, I think the death penalty makes sense.

  15. Thats not a fire extinguisher. It is a nitrous oxide bottle.

  16. that’s pimp RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. The silver audi is pretty slick though. Just don’t waist your money on a radar detector.

  18. that A8 was not polished silver…. it was made for a saultin (sorry if that is spelt wrong) and is made of silver

  19. Wauwsers, looking awsome…

  20. Ben: I think it’s spelled “sultan”, and, no, it’s not made of silver


  21. amazing!!..in a place were the average temp is around 50C+
    and income is triple that of normal people then i guess you’d have to do something!!

  22. ok y’all are right because the ones who have the money do mess cars up like that and there is no sense in putting butterfly doors on a honda i mean you can tell they jacked it up look at the rear wheels when the have the door and the trunk open the wheels are not meant to bend like that come on that’s just rediculous

  23. Im lovin the Audi and the Honda!

  24. hey max, go kiss your ass
    nice cars guys keep it up

  25. I love when 12 year olds goi on these websites and try to “criticize” people’s interests. These people like doing what they do and apparently you all like to waste your lives going on these things and hating on them. and br00ce just made himself look like a stupid asshole by making fun of the “fire extinguisher”. Dumbasses.

  26. Holy smokes… I get more excited reading the comments than appreciating the pics. Tom, you are absolutely right, my friend. These “posers” writing comments about things they don’t know about trying to show their presence! They really impress us all… it’s impressive how stupid they look making stupid comments about “stupid” things for them.

  27. The Honda located in Saudi Arabia ..
    And the audi is in Dubai ..

    And MAX .. People has their own interests .. their own money to spend how they want it to be spent ..

    so .. get killed

  28. Great to see (Peoples still taking an interest in their motors) Most of my youth was spent ‘doing up/styling my motors’ Then cruising the streets, Envious to the end.

  29. Hmmm? Why would you put tv’s in your head rests if there are no back seats? (3rd last picture)

  30. People really know how to PIMP their cars,with so much accesories you wouldn’t doubt your car.So i Got a question.How many watts of sound can be implemented in car?

  31. money spent wisely or not? cant say that… But we need to appreciate the creativity!!!

  32. Only a retard would put a TV on a head rest that isn’t usable..

  33. @gilbertc555, I must admit you are right :))))

  34. i love cars tuning

  35. I am totally into this!

  36. This is epic, and awesome…

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