Garbage Bags – Fun & Glam

Who would have thought that mundane garbage bags can be used in so many incredibles ways? Throwing just a glance at them, they seem to be faded and lifeless.

That’s why a lot of ingenious people have managed “to bring them back to life”. Now looking towards them becomes a pleasure, not a chore.

black dress woman trash bags..

Trash Bag Attire, via Model Mayhem

Funny faces trash bags

The moment when you wake up in the morning and you notice that you forgot taking out the garbage the previous day, can transform itself into a much more pleasant experience if along with the inviting smell of coffee you can see a big “smile” waiting for you at the door.

dustbin smile faces

wastebin bag bunny faces

Trashbags Get Cute with Funny Bunny – Designed by MAQ, Inc

cute trash bag

funny bunny bin bag

Cute animals on garbage bags

Kids always want a pet. This problem always creates a stir among parents :)). And I think I’ve found the solution. The real pets are a little bit wild, it’s true… but not these ones. Certainly the kids will love the amazing animal print trash bags and maybe they will also be motivated with the houseworks.

dustbin bag shiba

Grown-ups do play – Garbage Bag Art Work Project

garbage bin bag polar bear

dustbin bag seal

And… playful goldfish to brighten up your day!

gold fish funny trash bag

Aquarium Trash Bags – Available here: Goldfish Happy Sack Bin Bags

Christmas “season” for the waste

Winter holidays inspire kindness, understanding, warmth and… the new garbage bags!!! :)) From now on preparing for Christmas will be not all about gifts and delicious meals. We should not forget to bring with us the garbage bags of Santa Claus at the traditional Christmas evening. 😀 :))

Christmas gift basket bin bag.

Christmas Pudding Bin Bags, available on Amazon

christmas pudding bin bag.

“Glam” trash bags

Nowadays, glam does not resume anymore to having clothes or shoes made by the greatest designers of the world. You should not miss the “famous” bag made by the exceptional Louis Vuitton. 😉

Walking towards the garbage basket will be the new “cat-walk”.

Louis Vuitton trash bag

Luis Vuitton Funny Copycats

glam trash bags

And these are for real. The Raindrop Besace purses below, resembling to trash bags, were designed by Louis Vuitton for 2010 spring collection and their cost was about $1,960 each. How cool is that?!?!

Louis-Vuitton bin bags

Fashion Couture – Trendy garbage bags clothing

Creating clothes from textile materials maybe has become a cliché.
The fashion industry needed something new and so the “garbage bags” collection appeared. I already imagine people buying dozens rolls of garbage from Hypermarkets and looking for “their size”. You need a lot of courage to wear something like this… but for the sake of fashion and art we will sacrifice once more, or not ???

glamorous fashion trash bin bags

Non-textile clothing – Wanda Cobar

fashion dress for less

Dress for Less – Michelle Jank‘s garbage bag fashions

dress wastebin bag

weird woman fashion trash bag

trash bags weird dress

When Fashion Meets Art – Trash Bag Couture by Jutta Leger

Urban art – Trash Bags Theatre Scene

It’s a real marvel walking down the street and observing weird objects that real inspire and and give a little color to the city. Even more if these items are achieved by means of casual trash bags. Amazing artists have managed to transfort a “big nothing” into a form of “urban art”.

funny dustbin bag

funny trash bags

funny christmas season trash bags

flowers trash bags

funny urban art

funny city streets art

City street art – Garbage Bag Art Work Project

Cute garbage bags

Colorful trash bags on New York streets

Engaging communities through public art – TRASH Project by Adrian Kondratowicz

And, the least, but not last…

This is where real trash bags art begins…If until now we tackled issues related to funny garbage bags, speechless is the word for what follows. Trash bags become a way of experimenting new art forms and expressing deep feelings, mostly sadness.

Beyond sentiments, these art works are really worth our admiration. 🙂

trash bag art khalil

Khalil Chishtee‘s Life-Size Plastic Bag Sculptures

white trash bags art

In the pursuit of spirituality (detail) – 2006

Khalil Chishtee Sad Art

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

sprituality basket bin bags

love trash bags humans

weird face garbage bag

wastebasket bag humans

“The simple intention to create and question is what makes art powerful. These days, when many countries, leaders and circumstances are playing with the lives of ordinary people, we need more and more artists to help us look and question. This is more important than anything; as better individuals form a better society.” – Khalil Chishtee

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