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What better way to welcome back your coworkers from their vacation than with an extremely amusing office prank? There is no need  to be April Fool's Day; any day of the year is good for a small jokejoke. You only need a little imagination and humor to come up with a funny idea to surprise them. 

The first one, the well known post-it notes prank (by mathmandan):

office prank

the one with aluminum foil (by jo3design):



another one – this time with polystyrene balls:


next one for golf players (by FlyingFox):





for the phone addicts (by furryscaly)


for any party junkie (source: 




by williamsburger 



for the geeks: 


by c r i s 


by todd? 


for nature lovers (by juicystyle):

office prank

for all paper readers (by Kyle and Kelly Adams): 



for Chinese (by thecameo):




for the ones who still believe in Santa Claus (by robron1): 



and he last one, especially for your BOSS (source: unknown): 


For more funny office pranks and smart ideas on how to trick your co-workers, you have also the comments below.

Thank you to the ones who decided to share their practical jokes with us.

And do not forget: “Even the gods love jokes. ” ~Plato.

Let the fun begin! 😉


Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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58 Responses to “Funny Office Pranks”

  1. Yes, the jello molded mouse was brilliant!

  2. Very interesting. Hope none of my colleagues ever does this to my work space! Lols.

  3. I used to collect shredded paper from the paper shredders at my job. They would shred the documents very fine, because it was a bank.. So I would take the shredded paper, every day by the garbage bag load, and keep them, until I had enough to fill my friends car to the brim with paper. I always warned her to keep her doors locked, because we live in Gary Indiana.. Lesson learned.. I have done this trick to her every summer now, for four years:]

  4. 4 years? wow 😛

  5. I wish someone would fill a room with balloons for me :(

  6. The peanuts one is THE WORST. You cannot access the cleanup without spilling them everywhere. Nope. a vac will not do! That one is the winner. That must have been easily 300 gallons of peanuts!

  7. The last one is from the Tv show the Office (US).

  8. this online prank will get ANYONE in your office that has a male or female chauvinist inclination…


  9. great images, thumb up 1

  10. that was not really funny

  11. Couple of SIM-cards, lol

  12. omg that is amazing it must have taken you forever to do all that crap i love it definitly original and lets hope it stays that way =)

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  16. So….. for this year’s April fools day, I found a left over package of green Peeps (u know, the marshmallow easter candy) – The box had 10 total in it……. I cut down coffee stirrers from dunkin donuts to about an inch and a half, placed it into the top of the Peep, flagged each one with a piece of white tape, and numbered them from 1 to 10.

    I then proceeded to leave 9 of them around my coworkers cubicle (inside desk drawers, on the chair, generally hidden, but in easy to notice locations)

    However, I left out number 4 (took it home with me) – By the time I come in for 2nd shift, he’ll have spent the entire day trying to find the missing Peep :-)

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  19. da balloons r awesome but the keyboard thing kinda creeped me out lol
    gah i’m already addicted to this site lol
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! this shit is awesome
    i love it

  20. Whoa! Totally awesome! How do people come up with such ideas… Well, nvm… But how do they make them happen?

  21. A fast and easy prank is to put scotch tape under the optical sensor in the mouse. The mouse will still work, but not very well, guaranteed to drive the user insane!

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  23. At my old company, we celebrated birthdays by pulling pranks on the birthday boy/girl. Here are some that are easy to clean up and won’t keep the person from working.

    Buy a large container of Red Hot Cinnamon candies and tape them all over the cube. It will make their office very fragrant.

    Make a ‘chalk’ outline of a body on the floor out of masking tape. (like a crime scene). If you can find some, get some police tape and put it across the doorway.

    If the person works in an office, cover the doorway with newspaper. If you have the time, paint the newspaper the same color as the wall.

  24. I recently suspended everything in my coworkers cube from the ceiling with heavy duty string. His chair, in/out boxes, stapler, tape dispenser, phone. It was great, it looked like modern art.

  25. We took the small round pieces of paper from the all the hole punches we could find in the office. Then we poured them into the air vents in our bosses car.

    He said that on his way home he had to wait at some traffic lights, and the car was getting warm so he turned on the ventilation.

    Apparently he looked like one of those children’s snow storm toys in front of all the other cars at the junction.


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  28. One I like is getting one of those musical greeting cards from a dollar store. Remove the musical device. Usually you can stop the music with a piece of paper or the tab that comes with it. I placed mine on my sisters bedroom door and the paper tab was taped to the wall. When she opened the door the music went off and annoyed her to no end. I hid the device on the very top of the door so she couldn’t reach it easily. This can easily be dome to someones drawer or office chair. The applications are endless.

  29. I’d love someone to do the balloons thing to me. Or be involved in doing it someone else. :-)

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  32. Clean Freak Cure:

    A coworker had the only office big enough for three of us to work in as a small working group and used the meeting table in our peers office. He is a serious clean freak pencils all stacked neatly in the holder sharpened to the same length, paper clips stacked, everything in its place to the point of anal retention.

    We had a meeting and were told clean up after ourselves. We filled the garbage can 8/10ths full of water brought in a bucket of chicken and floated refuse on top of the water with chicken detritis and napkins etc till the appearance the can was overflowing with garbage.

    We vacated leaving the refuse unattended – our peer came back and gathered up the remenants and went to crush the garbage in the can only to soak his foot in water.

    The results were hilarious and your target has to at least have a good sense of humour – but it was hillarious as he walked by to the bathroom with one shoe sqeaking everyother step.

  33. A really easy one(if their computer has sound).

    Go into the Audio options in the Control Panel. Go to the Sounds tab and choose the “select” option in the dropdown list. The change the sound to whatever you want. You will need to download the sound onto the machine so that you can access through the “browse” option. A good(embarrassing) one is the sound of poeple having sex! Click “Apply” and then every time they click on an icon it will make this noise.

  34. The very last picture is from the first season of The Office, either episode 1 or 2.

  35. cool pics

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  37. too funny…

  38. We took an old hair dryer and disconnected the heater.
    Filled it up with paper pieces from holemakers and
    hid it high up behind a curtin. Then connected it to a power switch witch is used to power up all the office gear. When our friend came back from vacation he was saluted with a rain of confetti.

  39. Once we rigged up a door to drop a bucket of tar on our errand boy and then empty a sack of feathers on his head. Oh he was mad all right, but he forgave us eventually when the blisters healed.

    But the 1500’s were a different time…

  40. I turned everything in an office-mate’s cube upside down once. Flipped all her photos, reversed the buttons on her mouse, popped the keys off her keyboard and re-affixed them in reverse… even turned her monitor upside-down.

    Took her a lot longer to “right” everything than it did for me to flip it. Two months later, and there’s still one upside-down photo on her desk she hasn’t noticed.

  41. I decided to have just a stupid funny thread. I got some friends that like to just do stupid thing for laughs, and they are getting a kick out of playing with the electric vehicles. We took a few videos yesterday, and will probably be taking a few more, so I thought I would make a thread for comic relief. Nothing technical here.

  42. I changed my bosses homepage to I also hacked his registry permissions so if he changed it back, the changes wouldn’t stick. Every time he closed and reopened the internet, it was a new view of ratemypoo! 😛 I also shrink wrapped everything in another bosses office. He had a hard time getting into things because well, everything sharp was shrink wrapped. He didn’t get too upset until he thought he had gotten everything and started eating his animal crackers. I had caught a few of those too and it went unnoticed until he chomped down on one.

  43. I love the jello molded mouse. haha. Good one!

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  45. I took a fishing line and tied form the keyboard cable back over the table and then under to the office chair. When my manager pulls out the office chair in the morning the keyborad pulls in towards the screen. impossible to see and Verry funny to se a pussled manager.

  46. The last on with the coffee cup in the jell-o is from “THE OFFICE” the tv show.
    thats Michaels favorite coffe cup. jim puts it in the jello as a prank .

  47. The last on with the coffee cup in the jell-o is from “THE OFFICE” the tv show.
    thats Michaels favorite coffe cup. jim puts it in the jello as a prank .

  48. I liked the one above about changing windows sounds however i took this to the next level. I changed the windows sound to point to a network share and copied the windows sound to that location, then I could change the sound at will.

  49. Thanks a lot for the post

  50. You’ve given me too many ideas here. I’m thinking tinfoil.

  51. WOW

  52. For an office that likes their doughnuts, bring in a dozen jelly doughnts, but first replace the jelly (by inserting a straw & blowing out jelly) then replace with ketsup (use a small funnel). Guarnteed at least one person will hurl.

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  54. These are great…we ran the monitor wire under our coworkers cube and my friend kept unplugging it while our coworker was working. She kept freaking out like something was happening to her monitor. Then we would plug it back in like everything was fine. This went on for a full day until she got down on her hands and knees under the desk and realized her monitor wire ran through into her neighbors cube. It was great!

  55. I have had the Post-It note one pulled on me. It’s pretty great.
    I really want to do the newspaper one or the keyboard that looks like it is through the desk surface.


  56. You could also tape a banana to the bottom of their desk. This one takes a little while to work, but it’s so worth it. The smell becomes unbearable.

    Taping the calculator somewhere like the ceiling or the back of the chair is funny too.

  57. I have glued high heels to the carpet when a co-worker changed into sneakers for lunch. teheheh

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