Hello! My Name Is… Paper Clip

And I want to shake hands and love and play… I want to be a business man, a lover and a fighter… do gymnastics, take a bath and even leave the toilet seat up…

Sorry… did I introduce myself?  Hello! My name is… Paper Clip. And this could be my life…

Copyright © Noushin on Flickr

Engarde, Copyright © Q8 Camera Shy  on Flickr

Sad Student & Romeo and Juliet, Copyright © Q8 Camera Shy  on Flickr

Angry Mother, Copyright © Q8 Camera Shy  on Flickr

Paper Clip Men and Dinosaurs, Found on Car Full of Pandas

Paper Clip Fighter Killing Paper Clip Man

Funny Paper Clips

Funny Paper Clips Talking

And because these are too funny to skip them:

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She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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13 Responses to “Hello! My Name Is… Paper Clip”

  1. my name is [email protected] from Pakistan, it is very interesting pictures and thanks

  2. How lovely to see paer clips in their many forms and moods. It just goes to show that they are just like us really, and once liberated from their enslavement can lead rich and forfilling lives. It’s drawing pins I feel sorry for.

  3. these are grat pictures! i love the way we can take an object and give it emotions as if it is alive…

  4. Gosh, some of those are quite evocative. Particularly the third from the bottom, with the scrollover text “Paperclips in Bed”- you can reconstruct a whole relationship from that picture.

  5. any of these pictures can be a story 🙂

    the second one could be the story of two paper clips falling in love 😉 let’s hope all have a happy ending…

  6. @ [email protected] I thank you for reading my posts

    @ Mrs Floweryapron – you shouldn’t feel sorry… they can also be colorful and happy 😛

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  8. Wonderful Sharing, I Really Liked It 🙂

  9. It would catch more attention if the last one was the
    Very cute!

  10. Paperclips shaking hands is actually a drill sgt checking a soldiers rifle. In the first picture he is holding out for inspection. At the next one he is holding it in port arms. I guess drill sgt is slightly correcting his tilt, a common issue with young soldiers.

  11. Oh the drawing pins! thank the Lord! now I can rest easily in my bed. Bed of nails….

  12. amazing

  13. these r to interesting i enjoy it alot

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