The Crazy Chicken Marked

When you hear the word “bingo”, you probably think of a bunch of funny, old people playing a pretty boring game. Right? I can just imagine them. Slowly marking off numbers on the cards while someone is calling out the square…

But considering the facts, this game is not as boring as it seems in the beginning. If you find a better way to play it. 🙂


Weird Japanese Fashion Show

A crazy fashion show, where clothes open and close by themselves, an entire process of metamorphosis. Hats and dresses change their shapes like in a magic tricks performance.

A Fascinating, Weird Universe of Strange Photos

She woke up in the morning like usually and had her coffee quietly in front of the window, enjoying the wonderful, odd show outside.

Strange images moving slowly.. The happy colors of the rainbow were strangely melting in the green of the field like in a bizarre painting of Dali, timeless… Flying robots were trying to touch the skies with their human-like hands, while planes were drawing fluffy clouds. A child was blowing soap bubbles transforming them into huge, oddly shaped balloons that traveled along with the crazy wind. Houses of sweet bread were rising everywhere and some people were making statues out of recycled shoes. The cute, gray cat cuddled at her feet while the paper piggy bank run to hide under the table. She smiled. A lively, colorful and modern world, made of amazingly weird pictures was being built in front of her eyes.

To Bunny or Not to Bunny

People asked themselves for many ages what came first, the chicken or the egg… I bet on the Easter Bunny!

As a child, my Easters were all almost the same: same movie every year for many, many years in the row, same bad paint for painting the eggs, same funny Bunny I never saw, but who always brought me tasty chocolate eggs. The happiest Easter celebrations of my life!