Googie Architecture

Do you remember the Jetsons? "Their house is in the heaven, the free way is in the sky, but their feet are on the ground 'cause they're just regular guys." Even if people haven't started to build houses in the open air, and travel with space cars yet, the futuristic architecture of those cartoons was almost a reality from 1950s to mid-1960s.

All photography copyright © 1999, Chris Jepsen

All photography copyright © 1999, Chris Jepsen


Known as Populuxe, Jet Age, Space Age or Chinese Modern, but mostly as Googie architecture, it was totally different of other styles: an architecture of the future with an abstract"personality", with bold andgles and lively colors, ignoring gravity and its time. 

It was a real pleasure to read through Chris Jepsen website, Googie Architecture Online. I discovered that past is not always about past… It can also be about the future. 


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  1. Great pictures. It’s a shame so much of this just gets dumped or torn down.

  2. i agree with chris.
    where i live we had a nice 50s diner real old school
    now its some gay ass Pay day loans office

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