…or  coppa dell'amicizia (cup of friendship), strange shaped wooden bowl with several spouts and filled with a mixture of coffee and grappa. I read about it on Interesting Thing Of The Day and seemed so tasty I decided to try it together with a few friends. There is a small restaurant in my town where they serve grolla. Even if it is probably not as good as the one made in Valle d’Aosta, Itally, it smells and tastes so good. (Sorry for the quality of the pictures, they were taken with a phone.)

















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2 Responses to “Grolla”

  1. No offense, but in Australia we see much weirder every day!!!

    I miss Steve Erwin (Crocidle Hunter)

    -Shilo Wenikalza

  2. I just bought a grolla pot or Amity cup with 4 spouts in a thrift shop. Mine is missing the lid, but has the recipe in several languages inside. It says to wet with brandy and set onfire as a totem of friendship.

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