Strangest Caravans & Trailers

If you do a fair bit of motorway or countryside driving (especially around the warmer months) it’s a good guess that up some point or another you’ve got stuck behind one of those big, white boxes with windows that are limited to 50 miles an hour. Although frustrating for those in a hurry, you might one day be lucky enough to get stuck behind one of these examples of more interesting models and glare in amazement.

1. The Rolling Stone Eco Capsule

Designed by Nice Architects and submitted to the Andes Sprouts Society for a residency program, this environmentally friendly blueprint of the traditional caravan is work in progress. Built from environmentally-friendly materials the Rolling Stone is functional with natural energy and resources, powered by either wind turbine or solar panels. The front panel can be opened to double as an open studio space and water for waste and cleaning is sourced by two reservoirs. Could this be the next generation of caravan evolution?

Via Nice Architects

2. Multi-level caravan park

If anyone knows where this is located please let us know, as there seems to be limited information on this image available online. Another thing we’d like to know is how they got 6 caravans up there in the first place. We would make the guess that these caravans don’t travel around much seeing as they’d be difficult to attach to the back of a vehicle!

Via Every Joe
3. Hotel Everland

Based on architecture from the 60s and 70s, this one room capsule is one large room with no doors and was designed for the Swiss Expo in 2002 by artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann. The “floating room” spent 5 months in Yverdon, nearly a year in Leipzig and a year and a half in Paris overlooking the Eifel Tower for tourists to rent at €333 a night. The tour has now ended and the portable hotel is closed for the time being.

Via Everland
4. The Floating House

Two brothers working together on various projects since 1999, French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec finished the Floating house in 2006. The design is reproducible on a fair budget and it’s some surprise they are not in mass development yet (as far as we’re aware) to replace the smaller and less spacious traditional narrow boat.

Via Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
5. Really high up caravan

We’re not sure if someone has had a Noah’s Arc-style vision and couldn’t afford to build a boat, or how they’d fit two of every animal in such a small caravan, but we can’t imagine changing the water supply over is an easy task! Then again it could just be some children taking tree houses to a new level! Again, where this photo came from is a mystery, so if anyone has any clues please let us know.

Received by email
6. QTvan

Although there are a few bike towed caravans floating around worldwide, we choose this one as a home grown UK example. Commissioned by the Environmental Transport Association to promote the limitless possibilities of the bicycle during Green Transport Week and designed by Yannick Read, this mini living space features a single bed, a 19 inch flat screen TV and a kettle for hot drinks. Not actually available to buy, the QTvan turned out to be a viral promotion for scooter and bike insurance. At least for now anyway…

Via Environmental Transport Association
7. Earth caravan

What do you do when you’re a super-rich member of a Royal Family in the United Arab Emirates? In the case of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, you build crazy but cool things. Not only does he own the world’s largest custom built Jeep and has his name dug into the sand of his own island so big it’s viewable from space, but he had this caravan constructed in the shape of a globe, exactly one millionth smaller than the actual planet. It consists of 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 4 store areas.

Via Jalopnik
8. Caravan-Shaped Hedge

Possibly sculpted by Edward Scissorhands (or possibly not, but if anyone knows who did sculpt it we’d like to know). You might be able to guess from looking at it, but unless you’re a bird or an insect, this caravan is not much use as living quarters!

Via Picasa & Novato RV Park

Bill Johnstone

Bill Johnstone is always on the hunt for interesting caravans, trailers and tents for C4Caravans, the caravan sales website he contributes to. Although he has never seen many strange things on the UK camp sites, he hopes to maybe build his own idea after retiring.

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  1. The charming multi-level trailer park is a movie set, which you can find online by searching redneck mansion. Snopes has a bit on it.

  2. Thank you 🙂

  3. i own the above mentioned site, im trying to trace the history of a caravan company known as silva, i have one of these vans, to describe has sloping inward front, and arch rear including window, has a bunk above the cooker, and cupboard door folds down to make bottom bunk, and yor feet sit inside cupboard. photos on my facebook page under richard teevan.

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