Gun Factory

Some people make products we need to live, others make art to feed our minds and spirits… But there are also people who practice deadly crafts like gun making.

gun factory




I am not supporting violence, and I know guns have the power to kill. But it is very interesting to step for a moment in their world and understand that for them is a way of surviving. The gun factory from the village of Danao, Philippines produces about 150 hand guns a month, depending on orders and sells them generally to security agencies for around $100.












Sources:Illegal Economy, Cebu Pictures Gallery, Reuters


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8 Responses to “Gun Factory”

  1. […] Source: [Illegal Economy] via [Weirdomatic] […]

  2. ganda ng mga baril…putokan nyo nga ako

  3. how much it cost for a silenced 45 cal? a silenced kg 9?

  4. how much it cost for a silenced 45? & silenced kg9?

  5. Replica of the AA12 is it avalable?

  6. Indonesia-ginawa mga armas ay mas mahusay na

  7. Why doesn’t the government fund these people and earn money from this industry?!!

    Fucking closed minded government officials! These are talented people and I bet they will be better in their art if they are well-equipped with modern tools!

  8. magkano ba 9mm long rifle

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