Halloween Pumpkins

What would Halloween party be without the magical carved pumpkins?! Certainly, it wouldn’t be so much fun. There are so many ways you can carve and decorate Halloween pumpkins, that would be a shame not to do it. I found some pretty nice ideas that might inspire you this year. 🙂

art work pumpkin

Fairytale pumpkin carriage, Copyright © Betsy Gantt

As always, pumpkins are the lovely and scary decoration meant to transform our house and garden into a goulish Halloween tale and impress our guests.

funny pumpkins

halloween garden decor

Pumpkin interior design

Pumpkins flames, get the how-to from Country Living

fancy pumpkins ideas

Halloween Smiling faces , Copyright © Halloween Decorations

Deep in the mysterious darkness of the night, some special pumpkins become work-of-art lanterns, a mesmerizing mixture of shadows and sparkles revealing strange faces, crazy smiles, evil ghosts and unleashed natural forces.
Renaissance pumpkin art

Renaissance pumpkin

fantasy pumpkin

Death Star by Fantasy Pumpkins

fabulous pumpkin carvings

carved faces pumpkins

Creepy carved pumpkin skull

Day of the dead

swirly cool pumpkin carving

pumpkin carvings

Misterious pumpkin, Copyright © Martha Stewart

If you think carving Halloween pumpkins is olf fashioned, you can choose more modern and stylish techniques of decorating them. With a little skill and a lot of patience, fancy beads, happy paints and fine textiles, pumpkins become much joyful and elegant. :X

homemade pumpkin

candy skull pumpkins

Dia de los muertos – Sweet Skull, Rachael Ray

art pumpkin

pumpkin art creation

Tribal pumpkins,via Call me bold

Halloween Pumpkin decoration

Fancy pumpkins

painted pumpkins.

“Flower-Power” pumpkins,via Suppose

painted Halloween pumpkin

vogue pumpkin

Cinderella Pumpkins,Copyright © Rafinery29

brilliantly pumpkins

Brilliantly vibrant and beautiful,Copyright © Decoist

art work pumpkin

Dia de los muertos, via Carrie Rubalcava

fancy pumpkin.

Owl face, via Honestly WTF

funny pumpkins

Some tools and tricks to help you with carving wonderful pumpkins:

And a video that will inspire you ! 🙂

A little creepy, exactly as it should be – Even if it’s not about ghosts or witches, 3D pumpkin carving is one of the most interesting temporary art forms I’ve ever seen!

3D pumpkin face

Sweety face pumpkin, by Villafane Studios

pumpkin punch carving

Punch in the face

amazing carved pumpkin

Halloween Funny Pumpkins

halloween pumpkin carvings

scary pumpkin

3D art pumpkin

3D Pumpkin Carvings-06

Pepper Taste, by PUMPKINGUTTER

3D pumpkin

funny face pumpkin


scarry 3D pumpkin

Creepy faces

For the ones with a sense of humor, this pumpkins will make your day. They made mine. 😉

funny Halloween pumpkins

pumpkin carving

Bert and Ernie, Copyright © [guff]

weird pumkin

funny pumpkin carving ideas


hunted pumpkin

Have a great Halloween!!! 😉

funny face pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Express Train Halloween Golden Pumpkin Halloween Frog Witch Pumpkin

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