Haunted Las Vegas

Despite my many travels and the fact I have never entered in a casino and I’m not even curious, always desperately wanted to see Las Vegas… not necessarily for the bright lights and glitter, for the magnificent shows or famous games, but for that hidden side that very few people know, its weird sites – haunted Las Vegas.

The Sin City has many hot spots where unsettled spirits hide their shadows: schools, boulevards, hotels and casinos. I could find information about a few such kind of strange and mysterious places so here it is – maybe just rumors or plain scary truth… who knows ๐Ÿ˜€

Little Choo Choo Daycare โ€“ Deep dark… a presence, a little boy playing… digging with his shovel in the ground as usual. Nobody knows who he is, but sometimes he appears out of nowhere.ย  People suspect him to be the soul of a little boy who was killed getting dragged underneath the tracks of the toy train in the daycare. And he is not alone… a black woman can be seen once in a while trespassing and disappearing out of thin air. Rather creepy I could say…

Photo ยฉ Jeffrey Baldwin

Redd Foxx’ home โ€“ But why would it be creepy when it can be funny? Who said that some ghosts don’t have a sense of humor? Rumors tell that Redd Foxx ghost is playing pranks on the current tenants. It’s a pity they can’t prank him back โ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜‰ For the ones who have never heard of Redd Foxx, he was a well known comedian and actor, especially for his starring role on the television sitcom “Sanford and Son”.


His house:

Vo-Tech High School a janitor or a spirit – Late at night, around 11:00 pm, a shadow in the figure of a man stands by the gym doors. Some say he is an old man dressed like a janitor who can pass through the door without opening it.. Come on, people… Maybe he just wants to exercise a little? ๐Ÿ˜›

Sandhill and Charleston Bvds. Tunnels –ย  โ€œIf you turn off of Charleston Blv. onto Sandhill Rd. heading toward Sahara you will shortly pass a set of flood control tunnels that pass under the freeway and let out onto a small neighborhood street named Oliveโ€. They are considered to be an โ€œuncomfortable, but fast shortcut to the other side of the freewayโ€. No necessarily wanted, but needed passage where the voices of two people whispering late in the evening are heard โ€“ could they be the voices of the two young people who died just before those tunnels were built? A young couple who were flying down Olive on motorcycles hit the pile of construction debris that was there at the time. Pretty sad but maybe it’s a sign they have never had the heart to leave each other. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bally’s Hotel & Casinoone of the worst fires in the United Stated history.ย  A few decades ago, on this site there was the world’s largest hotel of its time: the MGM Grand. Built in 1973 on the place of the old Bonanza hotel stood up until 1980 when a big fire broke out in the casino. When it was rebuilt, the resort was sold to Bally’s, but changing the owner can’t change the facts…. Many people died in that fire, most on 21st floorย  because of smoke inhalation, and it is said that their spirits pass silently on stairwells and hallways. Visitors have often reported to have seen strange shadows on halls on the higher floors in the north tower, as well as in the stairwells and elevators. Could all these be true? I don’t really think so… but it’s worth seeing ๐Ÿ˜›



Whiskey Pete’s Casino โ€“ time has no meaning for ghosts… and love for what they treasured most makes them never leave. So it is said that the restless Whiskey Pete stands there, in a corner, smoking from his pipe while he watches players play in the casino โ€“ so long just smoke in the air and memories of old times: 1920 – Pete MacIntyre and a non-productive gas-station at the stateline, “Whiskey Pete” and the right place for a little bootlegging… ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Excalibur Hotel โ€“ Whispers, shivers, words without meaning… Walking down the hallway on the 10th floor you feel as though someone is directly behind you, hovering over your back, and then you hear a whisper, directly in your ear as if their lips were only an inch away. Don’t worry… nobody is there. Just the ACย  or maybe King Arthur is looking for his magical sword. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bellagioor before Bellagio was built – When I hear the word Bellagio I think about marvelous fountains and extreme luxury. Ghosts? No way! But it is said that on this site there was the formerly imploded Dunes Hotel and Casino, a strange place where people could feel cold spots through out the casino and, sometimes, in the lounge on the top floor of the hotel, late in the evening, a blue glow could be seen and weird voices could be heard although no one was there. Since Bellagio no more haunting, but glamour.


Photo ยฉ 1983 Larry D. Moore

Bellagio Fountains

Tropicana Hotel & Casino – smile, you’re on candid camera or the tiki mask that does not like photographs nor touching… Since ever the visitors to this hotel have been greeted at the entrance of Tropicana, the most popular corners of the Las Vegas Strip, by a large tiki mask face, a strange object believed to have paranormal powers. Every time someone tries to take a photo of the mask they report seeing a strange purple hazy cloud of smoke covering it in the picture after they would have it developed. And if they dare to touch the mask, they get a terrible purple rash. Would you dare to touch it? ๐Ÿ˜€

Luxor Hotel & Casino โ€“ the Pyramid of death โ€“ Not an exception of the Sin City, Luxor is said to be haunted by the ghost of a construction worker who died while building the wonderful Pyramid. The masterpiece is considered to have atrange powers over Las Vegas and people say that Sin Cityย  will remain under its curse until an artificial eye will be placed at the capstone of the pyramid. A wonderful bad fortune…

Flamingo Hotel & Casino โ€“ the infamous mobster Bugsy Segal and his wonderful hotel. 1843 โ€“ a thought, an idea of greatness, glamor and luxury. A decadent casino. Money. A lot of money invested and a lot of money LOST… more than expected. The Flamingo was fading away, many angry people and a defeated mastermind. Siegel’s investors turned on him, killing him in cold blood in his house, in Beverly Hills California.

Still, nowadays, Bugsyโ€™s spirit can often be seen wandering through out the hotel he loved, and sometimes appears in his favorite Presidential Suite and at the hotel pool Dare to play a Black Jack in the casino or take a swim in the Flamingo’s pool, but only if you dare to stay even for a night in the Flamingo!

THE GIRL RUSH, Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, 1955.


Photo ยฉ 2007 Zeke Quezada

I would like to get there and visit these places because sometimes creepy is not creepy at all… just something that people cannot or don’t even bother to understand… just make presumptions and call it creepy. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have always thought life and death are connected. I have no idea if ghosts can be classified as bad or good, if they are shadows or just smoke, but I believe we all have a soul. Nothing creepy about it. Time to leave for some haunted casinos!!!

IMPORTANT! –ย  Some pictures are in no way connected to haunted sites like the ones for Little Choo Choo Daycare or Vo-Tech High School, but used just to suggest the athmosphere. If you have pictures of these places, please send them in.

It has been reported that the stairwells and hallways are haunted by the ghosts of those who died in the MGM Grand fire. According to some, apparitions have been seen in the halls on the higher floors in the north tower, as well as in the stairwells and elevators.

Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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50 Responses to “Haunted Las Vegas”

  1. Everything about Las Vegas strikes me as weird and unnerving (except for the 3D Stereo Store, that is. Love those stereoscopes!) So I’m glad you’ve assembled a gallery highlighting the creepiness of the place.

  2. Now that is creepy. My husband wants to go to Vegas and I’m nervous for some reason. Now I will have to show him this website!

  3. Don’t leave out the man who committed suicide by jumping over the dry side of Hoover Dam in the 1960s. My mother’s uncle was a security guard at the time, and the man walked up to him, handed Uncle Harold his shoes, and said “Old man, you’re going to see something you’re never going to forget”, then proceeded to leap over the concrete barrier to his death. I get a creepy, crawling feeling in my belly every time I have to drive across the dam.

  4. Creepy… all kind of crazy people on this planet ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. damn dats scary i wanna go to las vegas creepy stuff like thet is awesome and cool but p3ople just dont und3rstand me but i aint no freak it just cool to hear n s33 thing like dat

  6. We just back from the Flamingo. Our TV turned on in the middle of the night followed by a cold blast of air. I grabbed my camera and almost all of the pix had orbs, one had what looked like a blizzard of them. We were in room 9068. Scared the crap out of us.

  7. I just returned from Vegas and went to the Haunted Las Vegas. It was good and the seance was convincing until the medium whom was leading the seance went dramatic on us. Plus people saw the camera, I didnt see that but the show was good otherwise.

  8. where is circus circus in these summaries? a woman killed her child and committed suicide there. some rooms arent rented out in that hotel because of the activity. my brother and i stayed there 9th floor 914 and experienced noises of people running in the halllways and shaking the bed and turning channels when nobody is around. if we both saw these things is it a coincidence?

  9. Siegel, is how Bugsy’s name is spelled and he was murdered in Beverly Hills, not Las Vegas. Get your facts straight!

  10. BTW, I stayed in the Flamingo in 1996…I didn’t see a ghost.

  11. Yes…. sorry I misspelled the name. As concerning the facts some say he was killed in the casino, others that he was killed at his mistress Virginia Hill’s home in Beverly Hills… ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. http://www.findadeath.com/Deceased/s/bugsy/bugsysiegel.htm
    No online sources I could find allege he was killed in a casino.

  13. I have better things to do than inventing ghosts and ghost stories… believe me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Las Vegas is very much so haunted. I’ve had quite a few personal experiences of my own. i lived in the Mayan plaza apartments and witness somthing. And at the Play it again sam topless bar too and a few more places etc……I lived in Vegas a total of only 5 1/2 years. there are REALLY a LOT of GHOSTS in las vegas!!!! A little food for thought.

  15. While Bugsy Siegel was indeed murdered in Beverly Hills California, his ghost is said to haunt his beloved Flamingo Hotel. He supposedly likes to move billiard balls around on the pool table in the Presidential room. Out in the back of the hotel is a “jungle” area. In the middle of this there is a monument to Bugsy. This jungle area was once the location of Bugsy’s personal bungalow at the Flamingo. Bugsy is said to haunt the Wedding Chapel which is near this jungle area and orbs have been seen around the monument. Also, Bugsy is said to show himself in the early dawn hours on the path winding through the jungle. He usually looks downright ticked off and seems to want those he appears to, to get out of “his bungalow area.”

    Another Haunted Vegas story comes from the Luxor. This haunting involves the spirit of a young woman who threw herself off one of the uppermost floors of the Pyramid section of the hotel, falling to her death in the atrium below. She landed at the entrance to an “open area” restaurant, splattering all over the place. As horrific as this was for the Luxor, it became even more terrifying as the Las Vegas Coroner discovered that the young woman, a prostitute, was infected with AIDS. Luxor management had to call in a HAZMAT team to clean the atrium, and in fact the entire area of the death including the restaurant, had to be completely torn down and replaced. Guests staying in rooms on the uppermost floors of the Pyramid have reported seeing a young woman walking the pathways overlooking the atrium. The young woman stops and looks over the side to the atrium far below and then fades from view. Orbs have also been seen on these upper floors. Some guests say they feel someone behind them on the pathway, touching them or brushing past them.

  16. I am Enjoy this picture
    very instrusting

    Wow !!!!!!!!

  17. Strange things happened to my wife and me at Luxor, room 3008 in April 2009. Our laptop shut off 3 times in a row when checking e mail…never happened again…ever. We got out of bed early to get to the airport. When I went into the bathroom, towels and washcloths were hanging over the shower, wet. Neither one of us used any of the linens the previous evening. We decided to take showers in the morning, before our flight. Also, a towel was folded in the floor like a triangle, looked like it was used as mat t step out of the shower. Then my wife told me that someone was breathing in her face in the middle of the night, and it wasn’t me. I can’t explain why the things were happening. We didn’t feel creeped out or anything. Probably because we were leaving the day that we figured out something strange was happening.

  18. I would have jumped out of the bed :))

  19. If I ever will be in the presence of a spirit I will do my best to not freak out and try to communicate with it.
    BTW I never see anything about the La Palazza Mansion. anybody happen to know where it’s located?

  20. This is a bunch of balonie!! I went to every single, joint but i didn’t see any of these weird supernatural occurances Yup That’s all i have to say . Yeah pretty much Up nobodies.s.s.s.

  21. i believe that most of this stuff is true but i havent been to all of it so i dont know about the rest ??

  22. where is the “la pallazza” house that was shown on “ghost adventures”. it is haunted.

  23. i will add it. thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. La Palazza is at 1700 Bannie Ave

  25. i have bee doing some “paranormal investigations” on my free time, my cousin and i have been to several places and taken pics, video and used a voice recorder to try to get some evidence, we have gotten some pretty weird stuff, there are a lot of haunted places that you wont find on the internet, you have to ask around and listen ti the ghost legends and to what the locals have witnessed, I’ve lived here for 8 years and believe me that there are dozens of interesting places to experience and they are not all on the strip.

  26. I have bee doing some “paranormal investigations” on my free time, my cousin and i have been to several places and taken pics, video and used a voice recorder to try to get some evidence, we have gotten some pretty weird stuff, there are a lot of haunted places that you wont find on the internet, you have to ask around and listen ti the ghost legends and to what the locals have witnessed, I’ve lived here for 8 years and believe me that there are dozens of interesting places to experience and they are not all on the strip

  27. I live in Vegas and i love it! its not creepy at all. Maybe for tourists who havent been here but its cool. And this websites makes it sound like all the haunted places are in the strip, they r not. But worth a shot if you want to try and expirence something.

  28. Bugsy was shot to death in the Beverly Hills home of Virginia Hill. Hill was out of town at the time. Siegel was reading a paper with his back against the side window, he was on a couch. The shooter got him through the window, right through the eye. I went to see the house once and I couldn’t believe that Siegel would allow himself to be so accessible from the street. He is entombed at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Also haunted). They can’t keep his name plate on his crypt, people keep stealing it.

  29. i live in Vegas and I might go to Vo-Tech… If I do, I wanna see if the legend about the janitor is true….

  30. Ive been in las vegas since Dec. of 1990 ive seen casinos built and blown… Ive seen alot of ghost adventure myself so a few I been and it real at E.Warm Spring and S.Pecos there is a park it call Green Valley Park haunted by at least 3 kids and 2 adults at night the place in that park well be at the dark corner where the power box is so dare you peoples to go to that corner… Also at E.Warm Spring and Grande Verde Valley is another park by a church it call Fox Ridges there is a story and ive seen it myself already the swing move byself at night supposely a story is a kid that have die there had love that swing also there alot of cold spots strange feeling like bieng watch when no one around at night… So enjoy your trip and have fun remember more activitys happen at night on new moon not on full moon

  31. Suicides at Hoover Dam aren’t published, but they are so often. Not really a big deal anymore.

    About La Palazza; I’ll find out. I’m going tonight to check it out. >:)

  32. does anybody knows bout any story of Nelson, NV the little town that is no longer a town and converted to a lake after Hoover Dam was finish

  33. in sept us 4 woman will be going to las vegas and hopefully we get to stay in a haunted hotel

  34. this morning i was talking to my daughter-in-law who stayed at the excalibur. she was telling me that her family and my other son and his friends were all staying there on the 10th floor. while there, one of my son’s friends said she could hear noises in the bathroom at night and couldn’t sleep. then last night, before my daughter-in-law and her family checked out of the hotel, my grandson, who is 5, came running out of the bathroom screaming and telling her there is a monster in the bathroom standing by the sink and he was telling her the “monster” kept looking at him. they packed up and went back home. listening to the stories and reading other’s stories, it makes me want to go and see for myself! i love to look for ghosts!

  35. Re: Nelson, NV. It’s still there. However, the little town is full of trailers and mobile homes, not too many though. A lot of traffic passes through there to go to the river. We go there quit e often during the summer. You can see some of the old mines. It’s really nice out there, but kind of spooky at the same time. Mainly at the area they call Nelsons Landing.

  36. its confirmed are trip is planned.its 5 woman now.we are leaving ottawa on the 16th and we will be staying in the excalibur hotel.we are there till the 20th.does anybody know of any haunted rooms that we could ask for.i am excited.

  37. i heard the most scary place in vegas is in the armpits of the city…somewhere behind the Stratosphere … ghosts ,witches and zombies..

  38. Everyone may think I am crazy, however, one night @ Excalibur, I saw dark spirits trapped in the suede padded headboards, it was like they were all swirling around TRAPPED SOULS :/ . It looked something similar to the Movie “Devils Advocate”(the scene where all the spirits were trapped in purgatory) Im serious, weird shit!!

  39. nice name jesse james.is that for real or made up for this site

  40. If any of you want to REALLY see and hear spirits, you need to go to Goldfield, NV (2h, 45 min) up the I-95). The town is trying to restore
    Itself by hosting ghostly events and their big one is on 10/26.
    If you go, you’ll be able to look for ghosts in some of the most undiscribely
    Scary and uncomfortable buildings I’ve ever been in. These buildings
    are rarely open to paranormal fans so I suggest you jump on this! I know I am!!
    Check out goldfieldhistoricdistrict.org for more info! Happy hunting!

  41. Bugsy was killed at his home in California, not the Flamingo.

  42. the haunting in the exclibur is in tower 1 10th floor i got it on camera

  43. Hi, if you still have the video and would like to share it on weirdomatic please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. I’m not sure which room it was I think room 208 or 209 at the Excalibur I am sure something happened in that room I think the 8th floor but anyway I’m sure someone killed themself in there because that was the feeling I got I was also scared of the bathroom too I stayed there a week one night I was so scared I had to sleep with the lamp shades on all night and hid under the blankets. I know so etching happened in that room has anyone else had the same experience as me.? I would love to know ? 2011

  45. Hi Larene, my wife and I travelled over to vegas from Ireland a few yrs back to the Excalibur. On our last night we went to bed early as we knew we’d have long flights the next day. In the middle of the night my wife who doesnt believe in Ghosts saw a tall man with a mustache and cowboy hat at the end of the bed. she sat up in the bed rubbed her eyes but he was still there. He turned and looked at her and then vanished. Needless to say we got out of there early that morning.

  46. are all the hotels haunted on the strip ???

  47. I was on Charleston and sand hill at night when I got off work.and got on the freeway.i didn’t hear no voices.

  48. If you want a haunting experience, the whole E Manor of Circus Circus Hotel is haunted. Also the floors 9 to 14 at the Novo Circus buuuut you guys need to check out room 2921 and it’s scary hallway and wait for 2am inside the room ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was there for 6 days, see it for yourselves if you can stand it.

  49. Plaza Hotel and Casino room 1855. Lamp turning on and off. Has anyone heard of anything happening here?

  50. Hello how are ya? Okay let’s get to it. My wife and I have been coming to Vegas for years, almost always having a great time. Freemont hotel is one of the most active areas I have ever seen anywhere. Every time there is a woman with a head scarf/ shall that I’ve seen on the 9th floor. It’s never malicious or a threat, it’s just, she’s there.
    Now we just got back within the last 15 minutes, and I have to write this while it’s fresh. There was a child I think a little boy, goose bumps while I’m typing this out, about 4 -6ish that was laughing and playing running around in the hallways and through the room. It was about 2 AM and I don’t drink or do drugs and get plenty of rest at night. So out of all the hotels I’ve been around the world this is the most activity I have ever seen. I have had documented experiences since I was a child. There was only 1 other time I saw something at the Aladin but never checked it out. They aren’t malicious but had to report it. With out telling my wife, who NEVER says anything, came out and said something about it. Had to report it, there’s a lot going on down on Fremont street
    I always thought it was funny that so many of the employee’s have experienced ghosts in the hotel yet next to nothing is out there on it.

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