Ice Mountain



One of the most beautiful miracles of nature…


Ice Mountain 00


Ice Mountain 02


Ice Mountain 03


Ice Mountain 04


Ice Mountain 05


Ice Mountain 06


Ice Mountain 07


Ice Mountain 09


Ice Mountain 10


Source: Any information regarding these pictures is welcome.


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20 Responses to “Ice Mountain”

  1. That is very awesome!

  2. That is soo Beautiful! But In ten years it all will be gone! Thanks inpart to MAN!!!

  3. maybe… sooner or later 🙁

  4. o hmy gosh so pretty. i agree it will be gone… mabee it all ready is

  5. if you mind, where can i save it as a 1024×768 wallpaper? It’s nice picture and rare for me.

  6. su…suuuuu preeettteehhh!!!!

  7. Remember when the Glaciers melted into the great lakes. This shit happens whether or not man is involved.

  8. It’s called a Glacier.

  9. Ned sed, “Remember when the Glaciers melted into the great lakes. This shit happens whether or not man is involved.”

    Racktip wonders, “If people die whether or not they are murdered, is murder anything we should be concerned about?”.

  10. That’s too coool

  11. cool.

  12. in response to Racktip, Murder is a part of nature.

  13. omg this is sooo pretty! its hard just to comprehend it 😀 i wonder how it was formed that way…

    anyway – where was this formed? TY!

  14. Soooooooo pretty, I wish I could see that for myself. Man is causing that to dissapper because of all the cars and stuff, GLOBAL WARMING !!!!!!!! Big Problem !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. […] propio cĂ­clo y su sentido de ser en armonĂ­a con la vida. EncontrĂ© estas maravillosas imĂĄgenes y estas otras sobre icebergs, y tengo que decrles algo… son monumentalmente inspiradoras. Aqui… […]

  16. very very cool

  17. I got these photos a while back with people in view, a relatively detailed account attached that described these as frozen waves in the antarctic. Waves well up from underneath and break through the top layer of ice……the air temperature is so cold that the waves freeze in place. Incredible.

  18. They are NOT frozen waves. See for the actaul description of these wonderful formations.

  19. thank you 🙂

  20. God is one
    We worship Him alone
    Islam is the true religion
    These images show the greatness of the Creator

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