Is it Worth Drinking to Excess?



This time I’ve chosen a few anti-drinking ad campaigns. I don’t know how weird or interesting some of the pictures might seem, I don’t know if it’s true that “60% of heavy drinkers are over 30”, but I have seen the way alcohol can destroy a career, a life, a family.


Source: adgoodness

It’s not the drinking, It’s how we’re drinking. Source: ALAC

Enough is enough. Source

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49 Responses to “Is it Worth Drinking to Excess?”

  1. Some of these make me want to take up drinking.

  2. This should make everyone stop drinking

  3. this just makes me want to drink more =)

  4. Reclama/posterul/afisul este facut de catre firma ABSOLUT vodka??!??!?
    Nu vad ca incurajeaza in vreun fel consumul de bauturi alcoolice, DIN CONTRA:D!

  5. I hate this website…I know that drinking causes problem,,but it should not be highlighted….There are +ves as well as -ves…+ves should be equally highlighted

  6. Yes, last night was worth it.

  7. As a recovering alcoholic, I appreciate these.

  8. Ha! Some of those chicks seemed pretty cool. Why no pictures of the awesome night before? I’m off to the bar. But will it be worth it….???

  9. I haven’t drank at all for over 3 years now (considering i drive too..).. i’m only 22 now! and after what happened on my 18th… it’s beyond me what goes through peoples heads that makes them want to go out and waste a hell of alot of money, and not remember anything, fight and waste police time cos you’re stumbling all over the place or being bells. C’mon… I love these adverts.. i’ll be posting this link up more 🙂

  10. Paulie, sorry you’re such a f-up. Most of us grown ups either drink responsibly, or occasionally binge with friends. Some of us have the money to do it, and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it. These ads are lame.

  11. THE FLAGON AND FIST! what an awesome name for a pub!

  12. I guess I like the “It’s not the drinking it’s how we’re drinking” tagline. It suggests that alcohol isn’t always bad, just going out binge drinking every night. I have a lot of straight edge friends and I see where they’re coming from, but frankly, I like to drink now and again. It’s called drinking responsibly, and if everyone did that there wouldn’t be so many problems.

  13. The ALAC ads are alright, I suppose. I do like the “drink responsibly” vibe, versus the “don’t drink at all” vibe that most other ads push.

    That being said, I don’t understand how anybody can call these ads “lame”, even the pushy ones. If you are truly a responsible drinker, then why do you have a problem with them? The fact remains that there are a LOT of irresponsible alcohol drinkers out there, and there does need to be more awareness. Current statistics state that about 25,000 people a year die from alcohol related accidents. That’s about 500 per week, 71 per day, and in the United States: one person dies every 20 minutes.

    So with statistics like that, how can you call these posters “lame”? What is so wrong with raising awareness and making a statement about something that causes such tragic consequences?

  14. come on people………….grow up and do cocaine like an adult.

  15. I drink, alone, with friends, to celebrate and to mourn. Occasionally I drink in excess. I have done stupid things, yes, I have also created memories that I will treasure. Alcohol is not the problem, it has no motives.

  16. These Ads seem very pointed and will catch your attention especially the ones with glasses/bottles over people indicating self-isolation. Pity the anti-binge ads in my country are half-arsed and ineffective, but the drink companies are the most potent lobbyists in Ireland. A large proportion of our Government are publicans and will never face the fact that abusive drinking kills

  17. I love this campaign. =)


    This is a better addiction!

  19. Ummmm well working in the business of trying to help and work with the children of parents who choose to drink to intoxification and believe this is okay – I feel I’m qualified to say that it isn’t. No lectures here – it’s quite simple really, something isn’t working and maybe it’s related to what our children are learning when they are young.

  20. Hi, I’m Michael and I’m an alcoholic. I’m in recovery and I really appreciate the message of these advertisements. Thank you!

  21. Hey, its the DaMan, i got a call last year from my son’s teacher saying i should come in to talk about my son. So i go to the school meet up with his teacher. The teacher tells me that she gave an assignment to the children to draw pictures of what mommie and daddy do for a living. So she goes and show’s me what my son drew… LMAO LMAO LMAO He drew my wife at work and drew me with a bottle of Jager and redbull doing jagerboms! so funny because in the picture my wife is yelling at me and i laying on the floor drinking lol… I stop drinking ever since!

  22. Reality is caused by lack of drinking.

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop drinking. It makes me happy every time.

    Sometimes, I feel sad for no reason all day until beer o’clock comes around. Instant upper every time.

    And on the days where I’m happy all day…beer o’clock makes the day super special. Those are days that make this life worth living.

  23. This is really clever. But I also love to drink, it stimulates conversations!

  24. When you need a beer or other stuff to take the edge off your day, then there is something seriously wrong with your day!
    Do something else for a living!
    The World is full of jerks that”can control it” and so are the graveyards!
    The reason the day is shit is because you took the edge off yesterdays.
    Its called a comedown and requires even more. The Baldchemist

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  26. These are great! The pics of “mums and dads” were really sad though :o(

  27. aguante boca, boca juniors de verdad, stop drink if you dont will be like me, jeje…adios-

  28. i want one of the big glass’s then i wont be a binge drinker ill only have 1

  29. That’s why I’m trying hard…very hard… to give up! Its not worth it, baby.

  30. i only hope that none of you become the women in the end

  31. @Maggie
    she’s just a model …
    you know that, but just to make sure 🙂
    Best, Reini

  32. 😛

  33. k

  34. I don’t know who you people are that put smiley faces with your notes, but people that drink don’t just hurt them selves, but along with the ones they love. And sometimes don’t know it. 8(

  35. As a volunteer firefighter of over 18 years I feel like anything that will open even one persons eyes to the dangers of drinking and driving is worth it. When you arrive on a scene where a drunk drove head-on into an 18 wheeler and you have to scrape her body up in 3 different pieces along with all the road putty ground into the asphault it will give you a whole new outlook on this problem. If you drink,, fine just stay off the road and don’t endanger the lives of responsible drivers.

  36. I like drinking but at home feels good to each its own pictures are awsome every one is different

  37. Very interesting photos. I am going to send a few of them to people I know that drink WAYYYYYYYY too much. 🙂 Thanks for posting them.

  38. the last picture is disgusting. that kid needs help.

  39. this is really good. people should take drinking more seriously. it’s not something to joke about.

  40. all these ads make u wanna do is drink more. thats y there made aswell !!!

  41. These pictures should really speek aloud topeople like acholics.oh and if you dont like this website than dont get on it because people who do might be offended

  42. Overindulgence is selfish. These ads do not offend me, but many of the bloggers do. My family has personally been affected by drunks behind the wheel twice. It is shameful that many of you can laugh at someone’s misfortune because of your selfishness. How many actually have a designated driver that does not drink an ounce? How many of you do not have a relationship that your drinking affects? A job? How many of you drink, knowing that you may hurt yourself or someone else at the expense of a taxpayers dime because you have no insurance. Grow up America. Drink responsibly.

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  44. It’s always worth it. At least get the kids to bed first though.

  45. I was just joking then by the way. Ahem.

  46. very good. i am 56 now and got hepititis when i was 19.doc said no more booze or your dead…..i have drank 5 times since.and am soooo much better off for it!! i hate booze,my folks drank alot.i didn’t repeat that pattern with my family.Thank God….sorry for ramblin,but this is a subject that will always be in my my kids are fighting with it..hope they shake it….todd

  47. Lol, Mrs Flowery no worries I giggled.

    It’s true though, alcohol almost destroyed my life entirely, luckily I quit when I hit 30.

  48. i also consume alchool but always with modeartion. thanks for putting this advertisement over here.

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