Foglia Graffito

Wonderful mixture of yellow, red, brown, a little green. The journey begins. Birds going away to warmer places, leaves floating on the river to reach the sea or moving on the streets flickering like the pages of an old book. Happening now. I thought that maybe this is the best time for art. Therefore, I tried to find some amazing pictures to make the voice of this season heard – leaf artwork combining techniques from painting and carving to collage.

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What better way to increase the beauty of autumn in our hearts and keep it closer for a longer time?!? Enjoy.


Mixed media collage by Abigail Doan – Scanned graffiti pictures, dried leaves, reused papers and fabrics – materials of a great simplicity put together in order to give birth to an amazing art and revive the spirit and meanings of autumn.

I view this series as an exercise in how new life might take shape from organic matter and urban detritus – a melding of disparate parts that might somehow coexist and suggest renewal and revitalization.


Made in India – Known as one of the oldest forms to express artistic skills, these hand paintings have as a support peepal leaves considered sacred to Buddhism. It is believed that Buddha became enlightenment under its shadow, therefore it is also called the ‘tree of enlightenment’..

Matured leaves are plucked from peepal tree and kept inside natural well water for a month. During this time the chlorophyll will disappear bringing in front the veins of the leaf. After this, the delicate leaves are carefully painted in lively colors with symbolic images from Indian culture by village girls.


Folk Artistry – Noble Cheer had a website that was online for almost 10 years to share the lively thoroughly paintings. Now gone. You can find her beautiful story, discovered by web archive, under the pictures of her work.

Noble Cheer Via Shangrala Family Fun

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Carving the natural – Heavenly killed artists create magical illustrations cutting the leaves by hand and removing the surface, to reproduce works of art on the leaves.

Natural leaf carving is actual manual cutting and removal of a leaf’s surface to produce an art work on a leaf. The process of carving is performed by artists using tools to carefully remove the surface without cutting or removing the veins. The veins add detail into the subject matter of the carving(…). The material or most common leaf used in leaf carving is the leaf of a Chinar tree. The Chinar tree is native to India, Pakistan and China. Chinar leaves have a close resemblance to maple leaves.

Nature’s Art Via Craft:

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  1. Another brilliant gallery, Irina! My favorites are the Indian ladies, but they are all terrific.

  2. Thank you!! My favorite is the one with a home interior from Noble Cheer. Talented people can make art out of anything.

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