Matrix Painted Cars



There are some very big fans of Matrix out there… 2 of them completely painted their cars Matrix-Style:

matrix painted car

weird painted car

I found the pictures on Concept Cars


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27 Responses to “Matrix Painted Cars”


  2. Awesome Cars!

  3. Excellent paint job. But I wouldn’t drive a car like that.

  4. I’ll look like a taxi driver on the streets if I drive that.

  5. hai everybody how are you

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  7. To be completely honest, it was probably a cheap car vinyl job, not a full actual paint job

  8. if these are full actual paint jobs, then kudos to the artist(s). The art work is amazing, but I wouldn’t drive one

  9. This is just a plain cool car!

  10. Must be hard to be a Matrix fan after the 3rd…

  11. so fucking gay lol

  12. You are The One, Neo.

  13. you would think that the first one would have some nicer rims.

  14. So, why isn’t it a Toyota Matrix?

  15. there so ugly and gay!!!EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  16. So sad. What the hell is wrong with these people get a fucken life

  17. i would totally drive that

  18. Thas sick widi. 8)

  19. That’s not paint genius, those are vinyl wraps…

  20. TEH GHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. they’re both gay as hell, the matrix sucked ass and wow what a waist of a car…the second one is less horrible looking than the first, but it’s still a piece of shit…why would you want fuck Keanu Reeves’ stupid ass mug on their car? i hope they got paid to do that…

  22. I think that is passion

  23. I agree with the gay part….. they dont look that good, maybe they need some body kits or something….

  24. cool car

  25. The car with the painted green fonts is cool. I’m a matrix fan. 😀

  26. Everyone has their own choice of painted cars but the second one looks really horrible.

  27. There was some really nice airbrush work on a few of those. I wonder how many regret it now.

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