What Would You Do for an Xbox 360 Bundle?



This is what can happen inside the "largest Media market of the world".  It seems Media Markt from Berlin is large, but not enough when they have on sale Xbox 360 Bundle (249 euro; Premium version; in the package: Project Gotham Racing 3, Kameo, Colin McRae: DIRT, FIFA soccer world championship Germany 2006; three months Xbox Live and more). 


berlin media market crowd


media market berlin





"Berlin (dpa/bb) – during the re-opening of a branch of an electrical market chain on the early Wednesday morning in Berlin center several persons were easily hurt. According to police data approximately 100 officials had had to intervene, when the business had to be short circuited after opening at midnight because of to high crowd of visitors again. However before the building approximately 5000 humans had met. In the market a glass door went to break, whereby some persons hurt themselves easily. Thereupon the business for first was closed again." 












The next picture was made in 1922 when people gathered to see one of the first tramcars linking Edinburgh and Leith. I wonder if the crowd was bigger than the one in Berlin.Sealed 




Sources: The MagicBox Forums, STATiC, Edinphoto


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  2. wow. iv been in a croud like that before. but it was for Zac Efron. lol

  3. and was it worth it? 😛

  4. OMG too many of ppl !!!!!

  5. hey, where are you? whats happening? I am missing weirdomatic updates. come back soon 🙂


  6. Hi Kelli

    I recently opened an online store and I was really busy with that. But I promise I will post something tomorrow 😉


  7. Now thats one crowd…

  8. Silly people, wanting to buy stuff so bad… 😀

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