Meet The Moppels

I've read that the new LED flexible light family are making waves everywhere.  The strange lamps, each of them with its own personality, are eco-friendly, energy saving light and thanks to their magnetic feet and suction pads can stay put on any surface.
The Moppels are both funny and useful…


Genius Moppel 01


Alien Moppel 01


Alien Moppel 02


Block Man Moppel


Block Man Space


Dino Moppel 01


Dino Moppel 02


Genius Moppel 02


Helper Moppel 01


Helper Moppel 02


Mars Moppel 01


Mars Moppel 02


Original Moppel


Snake Moppel 01


space moppel


Sources: Home Couture,  Discount LED Lights & Knives  


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3 Responses to “Meet The Moppels”

  1. You should put the creater and all of that, like when he created it when he died and stuff like that. Im doing this for a school project and this iste is only help for the pictures

  2. Amber I wish I could help you… I don’t think the one who made them is dead as they appeared on the market at the beginning of this year. some say they are made by Jim Henson, but I’m not sure. I tried to find more about the lamps… Maybe this article will be useful:

    For more… try Google 😉

  3. I want one!

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