Pumpkins, The Halloween Monsters

I received an email full of pumpkins!!! And I said I should share them with you. Especially now, when we are just 2 weeks far from Halloween. These amazingly grotesque carved pumpkins belong to Ray Villafane, an artist born from a strange, yet genuine passion for sculpting. Creepy or not, here we go! Enjoy! Medusa Snakes Pumpkin Sculpture Considered to be Picasso of pumpkin carving, Ray Villafane began to make some of his most "ghoulish" creations as an art teacher in a small rural district school, somewhere  in Michigan. Researching a little, I found his website: Home of the most 'gourdgeous' pumpkins on the planet.  
Creepy Pumpkin Decor One can never know what's behind that zipper... Creepy Decoration Pumpkin Ugly Pumpkin Carving Halloween Scary Pumpkin Decor Obama Pumpkin Carving Strange Pumpkin Sculpture Strange Pumpkin Artwork If you want to carve your own  pumpkins, you have some links below with tools and tutorials from  Ray Villafane sold by Amazon. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, these tools will allow you to easily carve lots of smashing pumpkins. So... forget about using the traditional knives! This Halloween we do artworks. Lovely right?  ;)
Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Sculpture Halloween Pumpkin Sculpture   Notice: Pictures copyright: pictures received by email, Artwork by Villafane Studios.  

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