Rare Prehistoric Shark In Japan


A rare prehistoric shark was discovered by local residents in Shizuoka, southwest of Tokyo. The huge eel-like creature, considered to be a living fossil, was taken to Japan’s Awashima Marine Park and placed in a seawater pool. Only just a few hours after it was moved, the unusual shark died.

Rare Fossil 01


Rare Fossil 02


Rare Fossil 03


Rare Fossil 04

Source: Xoxotyshka.com


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69 Responses to “Rare Prehistoric Shark In Japan”

  1. I must confess……….. I DID IT. I snuck in to feed it but the french fries got stuck in its throat.

  2. look people after all the shit this planet has gone through in the billions of years it has been here. i honestly believe that nothing we do will destroy or kill this planet. people say a lot about how “were polluting the ocean and its killing animals” or “global warming is causing these animals to die” it might be true on some minute insignificant level but nothing that will drastically affect the planet. and this shark people are saying was killed by people. thats a load of crap. i dont know why it came to the surface but whatever the reason this animal came from the depths of the ocean. as a diver i know that every thirty feet you pass through One atmosphere of pressure and going from 900 to 30ft the pressure on the shark would literally cause the fish to “burst” because all the pressure on its body is being released and eventually the contents of its body would grow beyond the natural size and the animal would die slowly and painfully. but i digress. IT IS NOT OUR FAULT!!!!

  3. what a tard ^^^^^^^^

  4. And the usual cretins going “faaake! omg it’s so obvious it’s photoshopped”… You think you re being clever cause you ve probably been fooled by a fake picture before; but you re being an even bigger fool by thinking real pictures are fake, idiots

  5. Does it taste like chicken?

  6. This is not a prehistoric animal; it is a contemporary animal.

  7. Can anyone tell me what date this was dicovered?

  8. This is an interesting Pic, if it is, as others have said, that this creature is a Deep Water one, then it’s coming to shallower waters could be any number of things. We have other “prehistoric and fossil” type creatures on the planet now. The Shark, The Crocodile, the Alligator, to name just a few. I see no reason why this should not be included in that grouping.

    As for the name calling, childish comments and so on, to those people I say. Grow Up.

  9. why cant we just study wild animals in the wild. we can see what they eat or wat eats them, see how long they could live without us interfearing, and we could see how they act in the wild. i dont know why we have to study animals in captivity cause they dont act the same as they do in the wild.

  10. I apologize, but most of the people who have commented here are being… pretty fucking ignorant.

    As mentioned earlier, if it was found near shore it was doomed for death regardless. Now, if you’re totally into letting nature be, then you can rightfully say we should have left it alone.

    The majority of you however have just been blabbering about the dozen different ways we HAD to of killed it. A good three or four of you brought a religious debate out of nowhere. And one or two of you claimed that it was global warming…with no real knowledge of the story.

    Stop speculating and comment either off what’s in the story or off what you actually know.

  11. wow what a shame. why the fuck would anyone take something like that away from its natural habitat. the thing should not of even been alive today…so wouldn’t they think there were critical elements keeping this creature alive in its habitat!? most marine life will die with sudden changes. even owning a saltwater fish tank is tricky. i mean i can find justice in taking animals out of natural habitats into man made ones for study because we have plenty of those animals. i still think it is very wrong. but if this was the only live one why would we want to fuck it up? if it would have died on its own at least everyone would know it was more of a natural death. i just think it is a shame we can not leave things in nature the way they are…but i also believe everything happens for a reason. im sure they are going to still study the body and get some good info out of it. but its still a shame.

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  13. This is a frilled shark. Scientists have known of its existence for a while, however, this is the first living individual they have found. Typically this species only comes out into open ocean to die.

  14. Oh my god. Shut up its not got anything to do with the human race. Dying animals get disoriented and if the shark was living in a high pressurized deep sea environment and got washed up to shore then why is it big surprise that the damn thing died. And looking at its eyes it seems like the thing probably had horrible eyesight. It had no idea where it was. It just knew, damn this place is really bright and I’m not feeling so well.

    It has nothing to do with GOD or HUMANITY. The shark was dying. At least they got to learn something from it.

  15. That shark is pretty sick, butt i’m surprized that no one noticed that the picture on the bottom is not the same animal as the others. If you don’t believe me, just look at the teeth on all of them. Defenitly differnt.

  16. i love sharks and im a kid and i now a lot about them and i wont to learn more about it them

  17. this is a shark and a ell.they should just leave it alone.
    its nature.

  18. You ranting crack babies.

  19. ….thats called a frilled shark

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