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An amazing artist from Scotland, Georgia Russell manages to give life to interesting creations, transforming simple books, music scores, maps, newspapers, currency and photographs with the help of a scalpel. I think the perfect words to describe her would be tons of imagination and patience.

scalpel art

Source: England Gallery

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  1. […] Go here to see many more pieces. […]

  2. Hello – Re Scalpel Art

    I have seen you have lots of images of Georgia Russell’s works from our website on your blog – am very pleased that you admire her work too, but we would appreciate a link in exchange, so people know where they can find her work and where the images came from – we have been her gallery since she left art school in London and will be holding another major show of her work next year – will keep you posted!

    Best wishes, Jane

  3. ok no problem 🙂



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