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I personally have a different concept about toys… when I hear this word I think about something for kids, something that brings joy and smiles on their faces. But the pictures can prove that toy is not always synonym with beautiful. These scary toys are totally out of this world: sad and pale faces, bloody figures and even resembling dead people.

scary toy

Look! She is almost… smiling?!?! OMG… she reminds me of a creepy moment of my childhood, she reminds me of a dress my aunt bought me when I was little… Like it was Halloween. On Christmas day!!! Funny, I know. If I stop a second to think about these toys, they are great inspiration for my next Halloween costume. Second one in my life… After that strange Christmas. :)) I can even imagine!!! Now let’s resume on creepy toys than on creepy people! 😉



scary bear


ugly dolls

ugly doll







Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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68 Responses to “Toys Beyond This World”

  1. awfull these pupetts

  2. I know… I don’t how they can be called toys…

  3. I love the first bear one with the cut open chest.. I want one for myself XD

  4. They have it for sale here:

  5. Hell no. WTF are this? This can’t be called toys, at least not for kids.

  6. the face on a hook is creeeeeeepy i wonder why they didnt put gloomy bear up there? :mrgreen:

  7. kool the happy face worked 😈

  8. of course it worked 😉

  9. ajajaj lol that’s funny this toys are 4 adult people i want buy he bear

  10. thats fucking awesome

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  14. I have every doll out of the “Living Dead Doll” series. They are very good conversation pieces, and not to mention collectable. Must say I absolutely adored the severed head on the doctor’s table. Adorable. Some of these dolls were a bit disturbing.. But most of them rang true, to be an art form.

  15. now that you said that … it’s true… they can be seen as an art form :)

  16. awww! i love teddy scares!

  17. Errr… who says these things are toys? Just cuz you see a doll doesn’t mean its a toy. There are cartoons that are intended for an adult audience only, so just cuz it´s animated doesn’t mean it’s for kids. Same applies here.

  18. The dolls are so cute, especially the one with purplish eyes. I used to hang out with people that looked like some of them. It’s fun to scare old people!! ohh yeah and my daughter is so getting one of these!

  19. Oh, Honey… need therapy. Please get some help, soon!

  20. Hm.. Some of those are cute, but I don’t like the dead puppy and kitty ones. Those are sad =( But some of the others are HILARIOUS XD!

  21. Sick, I think they have issue, they need Jesus Christ…

  22. i gave one of the livingdeaddolls to my friends daughter for her 18th..she LOVED it… she’s not a goth, but does have a similar look..(kinda punk-ish?)..

    delores..are you for real?? a child see’s 1500 murders before there 15yo..(on tv of course!?) i think these are a natural ‘modern’ comfort!!
    guess you wont like ‘happy tree friends’ then 😉

  23. aswome


  25. lol this is hillarious exept for the dead kitty =( i like the kitty XD


  27. kewl……..a must buy toys fr keeds….sassy dude…whr d hel did ya gt thm????

  28. woow this was coool to just look at.. very scary!!! id never live with these toys though id get really freaked out. you guys should definitely update this section because id like to see more! thanks

  29. not for children,but right up my street,i’m a bit of a scary fan.

  30. i just liked a few. but some where completely wrong

  31. That is awful! Espeically (don’t care if I spelled it wrong) the one with the kitty :(( If you think those are funny then you are one sick person.

  32. No I’m gonna get nightmares :(

  33. Oh and that red-head dude with the boils….er….pimples….uh….freckles? He is probably the scariest one! 0_0

  34. I LOVE the Living dead Dolls!!!! They ARE beautiful. This person doesn’t need therapy, nor are they crazy. They just see things like this as a goth would. The hippies aren’t always right. These toys are art. Not a work of the imagination. They reflect the pain and suffering that everyone endures. But, they are collectible, and a good way to keep your friends thinking you’re crazy. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  35. I love the ratty one with pink hair, it’s adorable, this is the kind of thing my room was filled with as a child, can anybody find out were i could buy the doll with pink hair, the crown and the red eyes
    much appreciated

  36. cfioo’dnrigjsdvmiririerierw

  37. I like Happy Tree Freinds, and so I obviously like this :)

  38. these toys are great

  39. hahaha these are so kewl!! i love the scare bears n i really want one!! i agree with those who call these art because they are!!!
    [anyone who disagrees thinking that these are “sick” should understand that it’s just not their taste… like some people like horror movies others hate them]
    =D love them, great toys!!

  40. i am in love with these dolls! i especially love the beautiful sad ones and the teddys are cute…. these could be for children but it might scare them so it depends on the child. im a teen and i think they are great, just my opinion.

  41. just love those.. because of those that i found your site 😀

  42. Oh, the Libing Dead Dolls are sold at Hot Topic. I love them. Don’t have any of them though…..

  43. Adults need some toys too :)
    I have a few of these myself.

  44. Unfortunatly there are some idiots out there who buy these kind of toys for thier kids. I don’t understand the attraction even for adults to want them.
    I was in a thrift store once and found a Chucky doll in the kids toy box! I bought it and then threw it in the bin down the road lol
    In saying all that, i kinda like the doll above with pink hair and a crown on her head. I think she’s pwetty :o))

  45. were can you get the dolls-i wish there was a headless one- always wanted a doll like that


  47. These tings are crazy and stupid and scary and dumb and ugly and i hate them y did tey make tem 4 and cierra is my bffl

  48. i dont get how the pink tourture room is scary…

  49. whoa… hey, anyone know the model of that little blue one in the picture with the one on the brick wall, or is it a custom built one like i thaught?

  50. These(*toys*/*collectors*) are great. And to even DEBATE if they are for kids or not…, you must be a pretty simple, stupid, f*#k.
    ….If you think you’re out of your league w/ thought/conversation…, stay out. Your comments really make you look straight up stupid!

  51. seriously creepy, those are.

  52. those things wer awsome and u now wat they can be for kids to all of u who said it was scary u areall bitches .but the people that made them need to get a life it was my friendwho said this ok

  53. These toys are amazing. They are both an art form and a true statement of the darker side of human nature that few can embrace and allow to envelop their souls. The maker is a genius

  54. Im scared. That was probably ganna haunt my dreams and eat me from the inside out. Oh ummm…… 😀

  55. eeeuurrgghhhh hu wud want thingz lyk dat

  56. what the heck these are so not toys this is fuckin wierd man whoever buys these for there kids are frickin lunatics this is phsyco!!!!!!

  57. Those are AMAZING!!!! My sisterr has a living dead doll and they are so cool!she has the girl who fell in pond and froze!! yea they are pretty awsome !!They are truly a work of art!!!<3

  58. Hey Dude….. Awesome toys!!!!!!!!!
    They are so true, So real, So meaningful, So….
    Well so cool. Yeah….. I need to get that teddy bear.
    It’s awesome dude. How Much are the teddy bears?

  59. ever heard of bad taste bears? those are great.



  62. Eewwieee.!!!
    Thats Just Really Nastiee.!

  63. i lov all these things therer’e so facking creeeeppy!!!!!

  64. Yo It’s Demi

    The worst one is th eboy with the pimples or boils. I showed this to my little sister and she screamed.
    Did you like me on Camp Rock?

  65. Wow….. No big deal. My son has three of these toys. He was scared shitless at first, but now they are his very favorite things to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. “delores..are you for real?? a child see’s 1500 murders before there 15yo..(on tv of course!?) i think these are a natural ‘modern’ comfort!!
    guess you wont like ‘happy tree friends’ then ;)”

    You can’t that stupid. Saying these are for adults and teens and not young kids isn’t the same as saying they’re bad or that an adult who doesn’t think they’re for a five year old wouldn’t want them for themselves.

    And they aren’t art, just cool collectibles. Seriously, having one of these won’t make you special or all grown up or anything, really. They’re just toys.

  67. our Scare Bears clan enjoys collecting cool toys like these…

  68. LOl I know the guy that makes the clown puppets…. he has a 4 foot one in living room… I hated clowns…

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