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Sexy advertising… or should I say women and advertising? Anyone can notice that in many ads and commercials women have priority.. La femme fatale, the powerfull woman, the sexy one, all beautiful, control the market. As some say women have a greater voice in society in part due to the “selling of power”. In all ads, they are considered only as being connected with their bodies. Magic words? Beauty and attraction…


Omega Watches Campaign:




Not to hard to find your way to their store… 






Hermes ad campaign: 

Shot in Paris by photographer Camilla Akrans in 2006 :Stella Tennant, Vlada Roslyakova, Mathias Lauridsen and a horse.





Wallis "Dress to Kill" ad campaign: Shot in a classic monochrome format, the pictures stand somewhere between black humour and elegance. The clothes reflect the powerful attitude of the ones who love being strong, and even victorious. The women start a game of attraction through their confidence and sexuality and doom the man to misfortune. One of the most successful and instantly recognizable campaigns I could say.

sexy ad campaign






More creative advertising: 









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11 Responses to “Sexy Advertising”

  1. Very funny and good adverts.

  2. Very funny and good adverts

  3. Those pictures make the ad look like in real life .Very atractive .

  4. these are really creative i like the pole dancers

  5. ah i love the “dress to kill” ads. very very stereotypically “sexist” but hey lol

    they’re all very well done

  6. Go figure… all the risqué ones are allowed in France… if only we had the same kind of freedom here in the states

  7. hi, do you know any more “sexist” ads, which promote men products – like beer, cigars, shower gel etc.? please reply, I need urgent info. 10x!

  8. mad

  9. ss subliminal more out right love the effects

  10. I must say I don’t like the sexist voice of the text. I find it utterly disgusting, that the female body is used to advertise things in such a sexual way, never a male body. The fact that men are attracted by a beautiful woman is reality, yes, but using that to commercial purposes is not acceptable.

    How would you feel if there was a huge photo of a half-naked man no matter where you look?

    The core of the issue actually lies in this commercialised world, really, but to make commersials less aggressive would be a great start to a better world.

  11. I love the “Dress To Kill” ads…the lawnmower (incidentally a good ole fashioned British Ransomes mower), one is a particular fave of mine.

    As a bi guy I am never sure whether I fancy the girl or envy her utimate power over men, but these ads are anything but sexist against women…she is in complete control! 🙂

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