Shoes That’ll Make Your Friends Say “Whhaaaa?”

Shoes aren’t just about comfort and protection; they’re about style and personal expression.  The people that wear the shoes below, however, might be expressing themselves just a bit too much.

Goldfish Shoes


From shibleysmiles

When we feel lonely, people tell us to get a pet, like a cat or a goldfish.  These shoes are for people with serious goldfish separation anxiety.

Cheetah Shoes

From costumes

You know how hunters wear camouflage to blend in with their environment?  Well these shoes are perfect for blending in if you’re ever thrown into a jamboree of jaguars.

Shoes That Aren’t Shoes

From tamilcreation

Many of things in life are all about appearances.  These shoes are for those who what to appear to be wearing shoes.

Feet Shoes

From gebert.buzznet

Some people go to the countries where their ancestors originated to try to understand their cultural backgrounds.  The saying, “You should walk a day in my shoes,” means that if you walked in another’s shoes, you’d understand them.  With these shoes you don’t have to go to a different country to understand your ancestors; after all, we did come from cavemen.

Fish Shoes

From doobybrain

Fish shoes combine both foot protection and a convenient place to hold your sushi.

Boxing Shoes

From pnyunder

It’s so annoying when people bet that you can’t beat someone else in a boxing match; seriously, who always carries boxing gloves around?  Conveniently located on your feet, you’ll never have that problem again.

Banana Shoes

From suefeng

Potassium is an important mineral to our health.  Not to mention that charley horses are caused by a lack of potassium.  But guess what bananas are full of?  Now you’ll always have a banana with you for just in case.

Lego Shoes

Website:  aihots


For those of us who were not that great at building things with Legos but never outgrew our love for them.

Animal Hoof Shoes

From inspirationfeed

Well… we wear leather and alligator and snake skin, why not wear hoofs as shoes?

Alligator Shoes

From webjunk

Converse shoes are cool.  Alligators are cool.  It’s a mystery what took people so long to combine the two.

Gameboy Pikachu Shoes

From funzu

Carrying a Gameboy in your pocket all the time is ANNOYING, especially the old color ones; they don’t fit well in pockets, and where else are you supposed to carry them?  Not a problem anymore.  You won’t even notice it when it’s embedded in your ridiculously tall platform shoe.

Grass Shoes

From jezzbean

Grass feels amazing between your toes.  Now you’ll always be able to walk on soft, well-manicured grass.


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