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Three best ways to get car drivers to slow down. (not necessarily in this order). 😛









Sources:, The Edge of I-Hacked, Popular Pics



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10 Responses to “Slow Down”

  1. lol these are really smart but really stupid at the same time

  2. i agree with britni x 🙂

  3. awsome idea with the giant pot hole stickers on the road. that one made me laugh.

  4. I wish I could buy them and put them on my neighborhood street maybe people will slow down and watch out for the pot holes because they dont watch out for the kids………..

  5. lol.iagree with brittany.i like the sticker on the

  6. hahaha the sticker was a good one

  7. […]   […]

  8. well, people need to just keep their kids out of the damn street!

  9. Mandy .. Mandy … Mandy … Grow up, girl; that’s rather elitist, telling folks to keep their kids out of the street. Not everyone lives in the city! Many small towns do not have sidewalks; traveling on foot, by bicycle or wheelchair means sharing a two-lane blacktop with fast moving vehicles manned by inconsiderate (elitist?) drivers.

    I have posted my own signs asking drivers to slow down; I’ve also spent hours trying to signal the many offenders. The best technique has been video, at which point I call the police station and make a report. Big rig drivers earn a call to their boss.


    Nice article on the signs .. love the military ‘car bombs must exit.’ A sharp Navy salute to our veterans!

  10. I couldn’t agree more with the pot-hole issue.I’ve got the same problem on my street, those bastards won’t slow the hell down.

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