Stonehenge Replicas



Surrounded by mystery and stories, the prehistorical Stonehenge lies near Salisbury, in peace, "waiting for eternity".





Hundreds of years trying to discover its secrets… and tens of years for building its replicas.


Fridgehenge (Sources: Baraskit, Flickr)

A modern interpretation of Stonehenge is the one made out of junked refrigerators, outside of Sante Fe, New Mexico by artist Adam Jonas Horowitz.





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Carhenge (Source: Baraskit)

This clone was built from vintage American cars by the artist Jim Reynolds, in 1987, near Alliance, Nebraska.







Texas Stonehenge II – made from an adobe-like material.

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Stonehenge Aotearoa 

"Stonehenge Aotearoa, located near Carterton, New Zealand is a modern adaptation of the Stonehenge ruins on the Salisbury Plain of England. The henge contains 24 pillars and is 30 m in diameter and about 4 m high. The pillars are capped with lintels, completing the circle, and a 5m-tall obelisk marks the center of the henge."(Source: Wikipedia)



The Missouri Megalith

It is a modified scale model of Stonehenge carved by students in 1984 in the University of Missouri campus.


Foamhenge (Source: Flickr)

There are two of them. The first one made from foam is built near the Natural Bridge, in Virginia. It is said that is "the only American Stonehenge that really is an exact replica of the time-worn original." The second one was made from for a UK Channel 5 TV program from from a combination of carpet tubes, polystyrene and filler.




Cadillac Ranch (Source: Classic Cadillac)

The strangely shaped  Stonehenge replica is a straight row alignment of 10 Cadillac cars that seem to be "planted" in the ground at a 45 degree angle. The cars, dating between 1949 and 1963, stand on land owned by Stanley Marsh III, in Texas.






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Strawhenge – made by a farmer with stacks of dry hay bales and burned after only 2 days. This is just one of the many of its kind. 🙂



Stonehenge replica – Maryhill,   Washington (Source: Legends of America)



Smaller Henges 😉 (Sources: UNT, Kaleberg, Biomes Blog)









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