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I was reading yesterday on Skyscrapercity.com about an amazing project: the tallest Hindu Temple which is being built in Mayapur, West Bengal and I dared to borrow a few of their photos. (I hope they don't mind) Cool. It seems it won't be only a wonderful architectural masterpiece, but also one of the one of the largest religious buildings ever.


tallest hindu temple













The temple is a modern interpretation of ancient Nagara and Kalinga Hindu temple design and it consists of three connected domed structures. The gigantic building will house an Exhibition Hall, the Kirtana Hall and the Shikar, or main temple.

Its structure will be hand-carved and will consist of strong bricks from Ganga silt.



Compared to other high buildings in the world :








 For more information and pictures see the official discussion at Skyscrapercity.com   


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  1. Haha, I almost thought you were saying that the smallest temple was the size of that model.. oh boy.

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