The Land of the Elves

The magic of Iceland… where every fairy tale becomes a reality and every place, a true legend. Each country on this planet has its interesting stories and landmarks. So has this wonderful cold gateway to the center of the world – it’s like a Kinder surprise: every corner is joyful, special, out of the common. Nature is acting dynamically, reshaping and coloring the skies for endless beauty.

01. The oldest geyser in the world, the erupting Geysir in Haukadalur valley.

Via Wikipedia

02. The largest and most powerfull waterfall in Europe – Dettifoss, different every season… but still marvelous.

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03. Home for mysteriously enchanting elements of supernatural – the crazy Elves who live in rock formations. The belief in huldufólk is still alive.

Source: Elf Invasion

Hidden people “are just the same size and look exactly like human beings, the only difference is that they are invisible to most of us. Elves, on the other hand, aren’t entirely human, they’re humanoid, starting at around eight centimeters. (Icelandic Elf School)

Source: PaxArcana

04. Unique and strange architecture, Icelandic turf roof houses, a tradition since viking times and a result of  the difficult climate – small, curious  interconnected buildings with earth sheltering.

Icelandic traditional houses

05. Sparkling skies that come to life – Aurora Borealis, named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas. (The Valkyrior are warlike virgins, mounted upon horses and armed with helmets and spears. /…/ When they ride forth on their errand, their armour sheds a strange flickering light, which flashes up over the northern skies, making what men call the “aurora borealis”, or “Northern Lights”. – Bulfinch’s Mythology by Thomas Bulfinch, 1855)

Copyright © Arnar Valdimarsson, Via Iceland Viking

06. Lovely fauna – Santa’s reindeers, winter dressed horses, cute, lovable muffin puffin? All here. 🙂

Via Wikipedia

Source: puffin Palooza

07. Blue Lagoon – An astonishing place with steamy waters, mineral-rich air, clean blue and pale sun, like in a fantasy movie… Energy of life through forces of nature…

Source: Blue Laggon

08. A surprising show of nature – Volcanoes go to Iceland for the fireworks and sometimes for fluffy coats.

Copyright © Bruce McAdam

Source: BBC News

09. The Phallological Museum – one weird museum… and the only one of its kind in the whole world. More information: The Sydney Morning Herald

Source: Reuters

10. Hvitserkur, a looming, 50-foot-tall piece of former volcano. Icelandic legend says it was once a nocturnal troll who got turned to stone by the rising sun.

Icelandic Troll

Source: Bing Travel

11. The church that can touch the sky – Hallgrímskirkja, inspired by the basalt formations found throughout Iceland.

Copyright © Trey Ratcliff, Via Flickr

12. A viking festival – During the 2-week Viking Festival each June when Viking heritage and history is celebrated, Icelanders and international visitors get a little (good-naturedly) lawless, a little drunk, and very excited.  Read more: Answers


13. YES, the 13 Santa Clauses or the Yule Lads (Jolasveinarnir), important figures from Icelandic folklore considered to be Icelandic version of the modern Santa Claus.

14. Bjork and her strange appearances – A unique voice on eclectic rhythms acclaimed to have distinctive qualities, popular within many musical genres, such as rock, jazz, electronic dance music, classical and folk.

15. Amazing ice formations and a lot of snow to make snowmen…

Copyright © Vincent Richard, Via Iceland Photos

Fun facts about Iceland

A. Reykjavík is translated as “Smoke-bay”’.

B. The days of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are named after the Norse Gods: Tyr, Odin, Thor and Frey.

C. Iceland has twice as many sheep as people.

D. Iceland has 24 hours of sunlight during summer.

E. They have made it to The Guinness Book of Records for drinking Coke.

F. Their surnames consist of their fathers first name and then “son” or daughter”.

G. Icelanders believe in elves and dwarves (in a sort of myth-way)…

H. Most of the people graduate from High school at the age of 20?


So… If you decide to go, don’t forget…

Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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  3. Irina,
    I really enjoyed your article. I am visiting Iceland in September and found it really interesting and helpful. I have found there is a Troll museum (Icelandic Wonders museum) in Stokkseyri, but it looks like it might be closed during the time I’m visiting. Do you know of any other museums or attractions, etc where I can learn more about the Troll/Elves lore?
    Thank you!

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    Thank you for visiting Weirdomatic!! Maybe this will be helpful:

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