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Since the beginning of time, water has been an omnipresent symbol in all cultures around the world. Fountain of life and youth, water with its miraculous powers changes shapes and colors, transforms itself. Due to its symbolism and capacity to flow, water becomes a model out of which all kind of things can be born. Even water sculptures…


Liquid Sculpture 06


Martin Waugh, an amazing artist with a degree in physics, tries to captures the most beautiful shapes water can create when in motion. He combines art and science to photograph its movement by constantly changing the size and color, viscosity and surface tension, speed and position of the water drops.


Liquid Sculpture 05


Liquid Sculpture 04


Liquid Sculpture 07

“Fluids in motion fascinate my senses. I feel their smooth and effortless curves: structures reflecting a perfect balance of dynamic forces. They tickle some faint physical memory, like a scent evoking a forgotten mix of feelings.” Martin Waugh


Liquid Sculpture 01


Liquid Sculpture 02


Liquid Sculpture 03


For prints or images licensing you can contact Martin Waugh here.

Photo courtesy: Martin Waugh / Liquid Sculpture


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10 Responses to “Water Sculptures”

  1. these pictures are amazing! is there any chance you could give me a few hints or tips to be able to take photographs like these?


  2. you can contact and ask him 😉

  3. The pictures are beautiful! I’m going to have to head over to his site to check out the portfolio.

    (Pointed to your site by http://thermalblog.co.uk/ – I’m enjoying it!)

  4. Good idea, Melissa… Martin Waugh has a lot of interesting water images there, even more beautiful then these. He gave me the permission to grab a few and post them here, but I would have taken them all!!! 😛

  5. Those are absolutely beautiful….


  7. it is a peom of water

  8. John asked: “these pictures are amazing! is there any chance you could give me a few hints or tips to be able to take photographs like these?”

    You need a strobe light, for starters … Flash it at the object for a short amount of time. I’m not sure if a special camera is required; it might not be.

  9. This pictures make me thirsty…but i still like looking @ them!!!

  10. Some of those weren’t water they were coffee or whatever. nice pics I guess

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