Weird Bass Guitars

A small selection of “unusual” basses. Weirdly shaped, old or new, some of them are not so comfortable to be played, but they can still be a wonderful acquisition.

Weird Guitar 20

Weird Guitar 21

Weird Guitar 19

Weird Guitar 18

Weird Guitar 17

Weird Guitar 16

Weird Guitar 15

Weird Guitar 14

Weird Guitar 13

Weird Guitar 12

Weird Guitar 10

Weird Guitar 11

Weird Guitar 09

Weird Guitar 08

Weird Guitar 06Weird Guitar 07

Weird Guitar 05Weird Guitar 04

Weird Guitar 03

Weird Guitar 02

Weird Guitar 006

Weird Guitar 005

Weird Guitar 004

Weird Guitar 003

Weird Guitar 002

Weird Guitar 001

guitar 01

Sources: alt.guitar.bass , Ed Roman Guitars, World’s Largest Guitar Store


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Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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121 Responses to “Weird Bass Guitars”

  1. this reminds me of how much i miss hearing guitars in music… like back in the eighties and nineties! thanks for sharing these cool pics!

  2. music of old times… you almost hear it when you look at these guitars… I’m glad you like them :)

  3. My favorite is the white furry one 😉

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  8. Weird bass guitars…

    Check out these great bass guitars! Which one is your favorite? Weird Bass Guitars | Weirdomatic – [via] Link…….

  9. I’m a traditionalist. I like the clear one, altho the second is interesting, and the Ouija board comes in third. The 9-string makes my head hurt.

  10. Weird Bass Guitars…

  11. The double neck Rick I’d love to have if the bass was on the bottom, the rest are okay…

    I have to find anyone willing to build me a double neck with the guitar on top and bass on the bottom without charging a Mint to do it…

  12. […] I found this website through MAKE: blog, which linked to this collection of weird (bass) guitars. Bass guitar shaped like North America […]

  13. ….and the irish judge scores…. a 10! These guitars win!!

  14. Man! I’m with you on guitar sounds! The 70’s and 80’s were awesome…

  15. On the Make…

    15 minutes to a ribbon controller. Oh, rock on. I’d all but given up looking for an anti-static plastic bag with the right resistance (as suggested by the article from PAiA). Sadly I don’t have an SVHS tape to sacrifice at the moment, but I’m wonder…

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  17. Great Bass guitars. I also found a website where you can get info to squeeze 29 pickup tones out of a 3-pickup guitar/bass and six pickup tones out of a 2-pickup guitar/bass.

    It’s at:

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  20. they should put les claypools bass guitar up here, if anyone knows who he is.

  21. your so smart…

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  23. Yo!

    i’ve never see like these before!

    Gosh, they’re so coooooooooooooooool!!!

    (“,) v

  24. […] Kažkada seniai seniai… prieÅ¡ 18-19 metų pirmÄ… kartÄ… į rankas paÄ—miau bosinÄ™ gitarÄ… (kai pradÄ—jau skaičiuoti, tai net Å¡iurpas paÄ—mÄ— :)). Labai nemÄ—gau Å¡io instrumento – sunkus, storos stygos, reikia groti “keistai rieÅ¡Ä… iÅ¡lenkus”… vienu žodžiu net boso rakto penklinÄ™ reikejo mokytis… ir jokios melodijos – tik bum bum bum… Bet kuo toliau, tuo labiau supratau, kad Å¡is instrumentas yra neatskiriama ansamblio, ritmikos dalis ir pradÄ—jau jį mÄ—gti, eksperimentuoti su ritmu, improvizuoti, supratau, kÄ… reiÅ¡kia geras muÅ¡amųjų ir boso gitaros tandemas. VÄ—liau už savo uždirbtus ir sutaupytus pinigus buvau nusipirkÄ™s net savo – nuosavÄ… bosinÄ™ gitarÄ…, kuri, deja, po kolegos bandymo patobulinti – visiÅ¡kai prarado skambesį. Beje, ji taip ir liko TauragÄ—s 1-ojoje vid. mokykloje (dabartinÄ— Martyno Mažvydo vidurinÄ— mokykla)… kažin kas iÅ¡ jos beliko Na, o dabar Å¡tai kviečiu pasižiÅ«rÄ—ti įdomių bosinių gitarų kolekcijÄ… […]

  25. […] Weirdomatic has a lot of great photos of strange strange things. I really liked the line-up of bass guitars. This post is pretty image-intense and can take awhile to load. Be patient…it’s worth it! […]

  26. the machine gun one is crazy imagine playing at live aid with that lol…

  27. […] wife came across this site called weirdomatic and bookmarked it without telling my, but I do have selective hearing (like most men) and I had to […]

  28. Hahah.

    They’re awesome. ^^

    Hmm.. but someone should put in the crab looking thing–err..*bass that Toshiya from Dir en Grey plays.

  29. i love that 9-string! imagine how big your hands would have to be to play that thing…

    and the one at the top of the list is gorgeous

  30. Hi,


    Check out these basses which definitely will match the ones shown on your site:
    (not my site)

  31. miren los weones lokos tienen los medios bajos mmmm ke rico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!®

  32. Wow!!! I play bass, and I would love to own some of these!

  33. the twelve string is great

  34. Awsome guitars!

  35. the fuzzy ones belong to billy gibbons and dusty hill of ZZ Top.

  36. sorprendentes guitarras me impresiono la de pistola

  37. wow! Very, very, very interesting guitars and basses, I love music and I’d like to have one of those basses for playing it all the time.

  38. Oh my gosh i hate basses with more than 6 strings they look really ugly and big… but the other ones are awsome…

  39. some are just fucked up and others are awesome

  40. The sniple rifle bass is nice!

  41. very good bass picture, i love that, give me more about bass, like player and product

  42. […] foto anterior, sacada de aquí, muestra a Stig Pedersen de D-A-D [wiki] con un bajo de dos cuerdas. Aquí se pueden encontrar más bajos con diseños […]

  43. The rifle bass has the scope on backwards.

  44. The Nine string was meant to be played with both hands on the fretboard, like a Warr guitar or a Chapman Stick

  45. 2-string bass

  46. looks sic

  47. these basses are awsome i would love to have 1 of these. i just have a vintage bass im in a band called mace and 1 day i would love to have a guitar like this

  48. these pictures are great, thanks for sharing =D
    i’m playing bass, i’d love to have such a great instrument^^
    think the “gun-bass” is kind of sic, but the watermelon is a funny idea :)


  49. Another departure from normality: Neodymium pickups.

  50. iam now a learner of this very intrument,iam very happy to see this above,and as as now i need some one who can train me to move forward,any body that come to my i will be very happy about that.


  51. Squanto your an idiot. The scope is facing the right way. If you turn it around… well thats just plain stoopid.

    Yours truly: Shwasusp

  52. I really like the Sniper Rifle, unfortunately i’m brown and travel quite a bit. chances are if i was to try and get through an airport with that bad-boy, i would not only be arrested but would be the 17th high-jacker according to CNN

  53. The Gittler Stainless Bass from the 70’s was pretty weird
    for sure….

  54. These guitars are cool 😀

  55. Weird guitar 02 is just a BC Rich photo-shopped to look distorted. Sacrilege…

  56. The White fluffy guitars XD, hail the ZZ TOP days!

  57. @ 1st I was liek lol, but then I lol’d

  58. This is awesome! I love the 9 string bass

  59. […] it, they say) – Some gorgeous acoustic guitars: Delmundo – Zemaitis engraved guitar: Weirdomatic has collected more examples of bizarre bass guitars. Here is a couple of our favorites: This one […]

  60. dude those are the coolest guitars i have ever seen beautiful work

  61. […] ?????? ?? ????: Bx3 live SMV live Michael Manring “Helios” Zon Hyperbass ???????????? ??? ?????? […]

  62. How funny is this?………..You couldn’t play any of these………………………… because you would be on the floor laughing!………………..Sweet……

  63. very unique…and kinda cool. I like the “rifle” the best, but also think the “shark” is pretty cool.

  64. While I’m probably one of the biggest fans of unorthodox guitar and bass designs, what annoys me more than anything about posts like this, is that there is no information given to go with the pictures. I would love to know more about the perspex bodied bass with all the controls along the top (second picture from the top – the other see-thru bass is a Sandberg), but all we get is a photo copied from alt.guitar.bass

    Anyone can scout the internet for photos of wacky shaped instruments, but on the whole it’s worthless without the information to back it up.

    If you want to see some unusual bass guitars along with information about them and links to the manufacturer’s web sites have a look at this:

  65. my three picks are….

    1st: the dead fish
    2nd: the gun
    3rd: and the one that looks like a banjo

  66. the gun kicks fucking ass

  67. holy, my favorite is the clear five string, where can you get these amazing guitars?

  68. This is frikkin awsome!

  69. What an amazing set of photos. The watermelon bass make my mouth water. I like the fuzzy white one too!

    Sweet site!


  70. I heard many things about my blog, but you’re the first one to say it’s sweet 😛

  71. how do i buy one of these guitars? plz respond at


  73. that was awesome my favourite was the double rick or the rifle they shuld have a hohor headless on there.

  74. I could be wrong, but some of those guitars look like they might be Alembic creations.

  75. Wow, really nice and strange basses! Will share some of them with my Bass News readers sooner or later, added your site to my bookmarks.

    Bass On!

  76. what is up with the naked lady one……………..hahahahaha i like the clear techno type electric…my electric guitar is just black and white :p

  77. Can we buy the guitars?

  78. Yo Andrew, none of those are alembic’s. Probably homemade. These are cool but is where real basses are found. Look cool, sound amazing, and play better than anything else. No comparison to Alembic!

  79. love the gun bass!!! bad ass

  80. hey guys, is the one in the shape of a gun for sale?

  81. FunTwo had an electric guitar shaped like a Korean peninsular… I wonder if there’s a bass guitar shaped like that

  82. i like numbers 11 and 13 the fish and the transparent one

  83. those are cool

  84. Fucking Awosome

  85. Ha ha….some of these look the bomb! Wish I owned something like these. Might have to invest in one.

  86. hmm i think the white fluffy one is dusty hill’s

  87. tose guitars are fucking awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. those guitars r freakin awsome…..

  89. these are pretty cool i would buy all of em!!!

  90. The twin Rick looks like a happily married couple.


  92. neat

  93. Sweet! i wish i had bass guitars like that!!! i love the clear ones

  94. lol the sniper bass is hilarious but i love the clear 1 under it

  95. I’ve enjoyed watching those bassguitars. It might be that I’m adding some of mine. Keep on doing this.

  96. r u able to buy any of them?

  97. What is the make and model of the last bass pictured? The very short blue one? The first letter is an “A”, but I can’t read the name.

  98. @ Lance – Its not just a bass guitar.. its intended for warmups also. google for Ashbory bass( ..
    I am from India and even though I am an ESP endorsee yet we don’t have such cool stuff in the market. I wud love to have this on the road…

  99. Hey guys haven’t u missed the great Flying V

  100. I’d take the rifle-bass guitar anytime LOL!

  101. The naked lady bass is awesome but could you ever play it in public? The skeleton bass, however, just creeps me out.

  102. That 10 string bass is just sick. There’s some amazing pieces of work in that collection. I also dig the assault rifle bass. Very cool.

  103. Where can you buy the sniper rifle bass like that?!

  104. Lol, those are great designs, I of course go for the Ouija one first, thats scary 😛 , I also think the watermelon guitar is great, like for being playing it at the beach with some latin group.

  105. fourth one down has a dildo on it

  106. i want me a custom made 9 stringed bass guitar, for my birthday wish,

  107. lol that is cool. makes me want to do this when i grow up

  108. Bass guitars are faaarrrking amazing!!! 😀

  109. A great and very talented man. Fantastic to read a little bit more about him!

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  111. i prefer the original design

  112. The bass directly below the Z Z Top furry guitars appears to be of Klingon origin. :p

  113. Wow! 1st bass I ever built is in the weird catagory. Love it!

  114. You definitely have to have a wild imagination to create a guitar like some of these lol

  115. Wonderful! Many nice designs! Some is imprectical but pretty…

  116. It should be mentioned that most of these pics were ripped from the old BunnyBass website, which is no more. Pity the comments from there couldn’t be salvaged as well.

  117. Oh, hold on – found it on the Wayback Machine:

  118. thanks :)

  119. thank you for the resource. :)

  120. I built that bass in 1992 in Loveland, CO
    Whoever strung it has the G string strung on the wrong side of the tuning key.
    I am still a luthier and own a new company called Lower Groove Guitars.
    Contact me if you’d like. Thanks, Steve

  121. I should have been more specific on which Bass I built.
    it’s the eighth one down in the pictures. Five string fretless and has the head of a bird on the headstock. The bottom horn resembles the talens of an eagle.

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