Weird Bass Guitars

A small selection of “unusual” basses. Weirdly shaped, old or new, some of them are not so comfortable to be played, but they can still be a wonderful acquisition.

Weird Guitar 20

Weird Guitar 21

Weird Guitar 19

Weird Guitar 18

Weird Guitar 17

Weird Guitar 16

Weird Guitar 15

Weird Guitar 14

Weird Guitar 13

Weird Guitar 12

Weird Guitar 10

Weird Guitar 11

Weird Guitar 09

Weird Guitar 08

Weird Guitar 06Weird Guitar 07

Weird Guitar 05Weird Guitar 04

Weird Guitar 03

Weird Guitar 02

Weird Guitar 006

Weird Guitar 005

Weird Guitar 004

Weird Guitar 003

Weird Guitar 002

Weird Guitar 001

guitar 01

Sources: alt.guitar.bass , Ed Roman Guitars, World’s Largest Guitar Store


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Irina Alexandra is a young entrepreneur and architect, with a passion for miracles and weirdness of life.

She has been writing articles on Weirdomatic for the last 7 years in a search for all the amazing things we tend to ignore.

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121 Responses to “Weird Bass Guitars”

  1. The naked lady bass is awesome but could you ever play it in public? The skeleton bass, however, just creeps me out.

  2. That 10 string bass is just sick. There’s some amazing pieces of work in that collection. I also dig the assault rifle bass. Very cool.

  3. Where can you buy the sniper rifle bass like that?!

  4. Lol, those are great designs, I of course go for the Ouija one first, thats scary 😛 , I also think the watermelon guitar is great, like for being playing it at the beach with some latin group.

  5. fourth one down has a dildo on it

  6. i want me a custom made 9 stringed bass guitar, for my birthday wish,

  7. lol that is cool. makes me want to do this when i grow up

  8. Bass guitars are faaarrrking amazing!!! 😀

  9. A great and very talented man. Fantastic to read a little bit more about him!

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  11. i prefer the original design

  12. The bass directly below the Z Z Top furry guitars appears to be of Klingon origin. :p

  13. Wow! 1st bass I ever built is in the weird catagory. Love it!

  14. You definitely have to have a wild imagination to create a guitar like some of these lol

  15. Wonderful! Many nice designs! Some is imprectical but pretty…

  16. It should be mentioned that most of these pics were ripped from the old BunnyBass website, which is no more. Pity the comments from there couldn’t be salvaged as well.

  17. Oh, hold on – found it on the Wayback Machine:

  18. thanks 🙂

  19. thank you for the resource. 🙂

  20. I built that bass in 1992 in Loveland, CO
    Whoever strung it has the G string strung on the wrong side of the tuning key.
    I am still a luthier and own a new company called Lower Groove Guitars.
    Contact me if you’d like. Thanks, Steve

  21. I should have been more specific on which Bass I built.
    it’s the eighth one down in the pictures. Five string fretless and has the head of a bird on the headstock. The bottom horn resembles the talens of an eagle.

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